Deep tissue massage


non conformist
My muscles feel tight all over ever since I dramatically upped my protien intake.Anyone have this type of massage?
Is it a benefit to muscle recouperation as well?
This is for the pros ,I am in no way shape or form a pro but am looking for benefits of this.Does this help ?
Deep tissue massage is excellent for getting any "waste" out of the muscle. I feel it helps me immensely with recuperation. I go to my massage therapist(make sure they're registered rmt's), every two weeks. ;)
Once a week for me. Drink tons of water to help dispose oF released toxins. Helps w/ scar tissue build up on injection sites also. It's painful as shit, but works wonders.
try rolphing (not sure on the spelling) I knew someone who put two inches on his chest from this.
I train hard, and work hard so I can justify the cost--the woman I go to charges $35 for a one hour session--I try to go at least twice a month