Full body in pain ! Joints / muscle HELP


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Guys this is my first post on the forum so apologies if this is in the wrong area ,

Good evening , as the title suggests really , joints , quads /groins / forearms / hands / calf’s all pretty painful ,

Been running test e for nearly 8 weeks without any issue at 200mg p/w . Injection site is switched between delts . Jagged on Wednesday and went on to train legs , felt pretty rough and fatigued but got through the session .thursday /Friday I feel pretty good with usual post training pains , trained chest on Friday and went pretty heavy , all good though . Saturday I start getting random muscle pain through the night , legs mainly but also side abdominal areas . Woke up with a very stiff neck .
Pain seems to subside throughout the day , Sunday I’m feeling more virul also around the throat but nothing much really .
Monday my bodies aching all over , every joint is sore , muscles are tight and sore .
I trained shoulders Monday and I managed some heavy press with my elbows and wrists strapped for support but the pump in my forearms is rediculous , we’re now 24 hours after training and my full body feels floored . The tightness in my forearms is pretty bad and simple things like driving are pretty tough because of this . Opening my fingers out I can feel tension / tightness and pain through both my hands . My legs are still very tight and ache like hell . It doesn’t feel flu like at all , don’t seem to have a temperature and heart rates 76bpm ( 35 year old male )

My concern is have I got some blood infection ? Test flu ?

Injection site is all good , no pain or rash at all

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys .


Sorry for jumping in I’m new also ;) but Need to know more bro,

Are you just taking 200mg test e p/w?

As imt said how often and how much if split?
Any AI’s with your cycle ? Things like Arimidex if to high can cause joint pain, fatigue etc
I’m just running the test e on its own , 200mg per week jagging 1ml p/w along with some cod liver tabs and vitamin D
Not changed labs .
Pain is subsiding slightly in the quads but forearms and hands feel pumped and tight stilll. Joint pain in wrists and elbows has been pretty bad also .
Hi, running the test e alone bar some vitiman E/D and some fish oils . Pinning the 200mg once per week and same brand used throughout . I’d say I’m feeling 30% better today than I did 24 hours ago , still pretty tight around the forearms/hands , leg pain has dropped about 40% I’d say. Currently running some penecillen as a precaution along with pain relief .
It’s a strange 1, don’t feel flu like but muscles are tight pumped and sore, like post workout sore .
Elbow and wrist pain still pretty achey .

May just be my body crying out for some time off
You know your body bro... if something don’t feel right the body has its ways of letting you know.

I’d do two jabs a week 0.5ml x 2 so your getting the same amount each week but not all in one go.

But like u say.... if you feel like it isn’t going so well, don’t fight it. You’ve got a pct ready right?
sounds like you have a potassium issue.. 1 gallon water a day and a banana a day.. thats where i would start

also if youre not getting enough calories.. that might cause the issue as well
Drink more water and get more potassium.

So we need to know more all around. 8 weeks in on 200mg is in the thick of it so to speak everything should be kicking in now. 200 mg is lower than my trt dose fyi. You might of going with 300mg per week. 400 would be too much for a first cycle. Potassium ad taurine, bcaa's and AKG vitamins and a focus on your diet water intake.

It is too late to increase the dose finish out your cycle and run a full post cycle therapy. Focusing on your diet now is the best way to maximize your gains.

Welcome to the forum make some friends. this si a great pace to have friends.