Depression Medicine, Steroids and the effects

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would taking an anti-depressant or anxiety medication with oral or injectable steroids cause an adverse effect? is it ok to take depression medicine with steroids?
I'm pretty sure a lot of people do it I knew a few never asked them if they had issues with the combo. But they are doing two different things. One acts on nerotransimitters and one on hormones.
Do a forum search for this one. Theres tons of material now on this topic. I've responded to questions like yours several times.
LiftTillIDie said:
I don't think steroids are the best idea for someone suffering from depression.

Good point. He will probably be alright as long as he isn't running dugs like tren or drol or like 2 grams of test a week. small doses of test or d-bol or anavar i noticed helps any depressed related shit I went threw.

Small doses was the key word there.
Sometimes depression comes with steroids because you estogen levels might be to high. Make sure your taking the right Anti-e's with your use.
you be fine-SSRI will help on cycles with anxiety and rage/anger issues--i have no different felling other than i alittle calmer
My buddy takes meds for his panic attack and it doesn't affect him. I don't know the name of his meds though.
definately not ive been on prozac and everything inbetween and currently of zoloft ive been cyling on and off for almost nine yrs and hasnt hammpered nothing. this is the absolute truth... dont mind fuck your self and try to blame something thats really not therre peace jt