detroit lost

Continental Airlines Arena will be the home of the Eastern Conference Champions of Basketball and Hockey. And if you take the 15 minute ride over the George Washington Bridge you could visit the stadium of the 26 time World Champion Yankees. :) I love sports.
i dont like detroit just rubbing it in a little .dont like the nets either

the team i like has not been in the playoffs for two years now and thats the knicks.

now as for the yankees they will be world champs. gotta love the yankees
rollercoaster said:
dude... detroit sucks... get over it.

why do you think detroit sucks? They have so much heart. They are all russle. They know how to win. I love detroit.
The thing about the Pistons is that they play playoff ball all year. They should be able to go much farther this year with Price Tayshaun starting (yes i know his name is T.Price) and Darko starting at PF. Thank god they got rid of Cliff, perinneal playoff choke artist.

Darko and Ben grabbing boards and blocking shots -- whoot.
What you talkin bout man. The pistons are in the finals.