Okay...weird heart pain anyone?


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Just started two weeks ago. 400mg of T400 twice a week.

Noticed a slight discomfort in week 2 and lowered it to 350.

In week 3 now, the discomfort has gotten worse, with occasional moments where its no longer just discomfort but I would even say pain, that goes up and down my left arm.

I'd been off for about a year but prior to that my lifestyle was a disaster, "cruising" on 300mg a week for six months at a time while doing coke on the weekends etc.

But I never experienced anything like this before.

Is it possible its time to hang it up because I did too much damage all those years?

The stupid part of my brain is telling me I can probably still stay on 200mg a week, but the smart of my brain is telling me not to risk it, throw the rest out and kiss the good times goodbye.

What do you guys think? Weird heart discomfort?


Do you have prior hart issues?
Have you done blood works?
How many years have you been cruising?
If you feel heart discomfort you should visit a doctor.
Its rear occasions someone develop heart issues from trt dosages.


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I never had heart issues of any sort.

I started doing roids in 2014, and went on a 3 year rampage of doing them VERY irresponsible til about 2017, doing way too much shit at the same time for way too long.

Hadn't done anything since 2017. No cruise, nothing. All natural.

I reeeeally don't wanna stop. If I can get away with staying on at least a TRT dose I want to. The libido, mood lift, pumps, even on a TRT dose I don't wanna give up.


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More than the t400 has the possibility of heart issues. Diet, blood pressure, heart conditions, blockages.

I dont know where you live but in America Wal Mart stores have some blood pressure and pulse machines. That's the first check.


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32 years old
5'11 180lbs. Used to be 220 when I was going apeshit.
Diet is what my trainer recommended. Rice, chicken, veggies, oatmeal+shake, eggs at night.

I'm going to go for a bloodtest I think.

I thought all that shit about roids being unsafe was mostly a myth as I was doing it for so long with no negative impact but I guess if you're an idiot about it then you can fuck yourself over :(


If it was that safe it wouldn't be illegal and people would run it all year long. As i see it some are lucky, some do regular blood works and are able to counter most sides and some are unlucky and just don't run the shit as supposed to and get problems in the future. I my self are mostly in the 3rd category and more likely gone end up on trt so i don't have much more to say.

Good luck! (Just take your health seriously)