DHT, Propecia, Prostate health issues


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I just love to learn about these kinds of things, been a health nut most of my life.
Been wondering about the drug our US prez uses to prevent hair loss. Propecia. When I read about it, the side effects sound much to severe to be worth it. I dont give a damn if my hair falls out. I would like to keep my prostate from enlarging to were it makes life miserable however...
If my T levels get real low when I get older, ill definitely utilize TRT if I would qualify for it. But that also worries me that I might aggravate prostate issues. I know im at risk, because prostate enlargement is in my family history. And sounds like it sucks.
Im guessing now that we got cialis these days theres no need for propecia and all the shitty side effects. Even if the prostate is enlarged, cialis can relax the prostate and bladder and let the urine flow..
Now theres also some controversy out there on how it gets enlarged, ive heard some say that testosterone and DHT dont actually enlarge the prostate, but that the increase in estrogen as we age causes the prostate to acquire more receptors for testosterone and DHT and then thats what allows the enlargement to occur, thus taking a drug prevents the enlargement because it blocks DHT from being formed.. But why dont we just control estrogen as we age then rather than the male hormones?
Just trying to get educated on this issue. 30 years old now, they say its a downhill spiral from there.


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What is your question? You're asking many things at once here. There are studies that show TRT does not cause prostate issues. However, if you have an enlarged prostate that's not a good time to start TRT. What is your information? age ? height ?weight ? ASS use ? current stats and blood work?


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Ill simplify this some more.
I just am trying to be pre-emptive with things, learning what I can about these issues before they occur. Im 30 y/o 5' 6'' 150 lbs no hx of androgen use. Have family history of prostate enlargement. New drugs keep coming along ever so often.
I guess I get worried seeing some of the patients I deal with who got prostate issues. They either take propecia to ease it or they got a suprapubic catheter in even after a friggin TURP because not even a TURP fixed there blockage. Life would suck so bad I imagine.
Doctors are always pushing these drugs that fuck up your sex life though to fix these issues. I dont get it. Theres got to be better options. I feel like a eat a pretty damn good diet and all. Drink plenty of green tea and stuff of course im not so naive as to believe that these habits are a cure all or anything.
Just wondering what others do about these things. Are we all doomed to choose either good urine flow, or a good sex drive late in life?