Didi I screw up???


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Did I screw up???

I was drawing up my tren e and prop this morning and i accidentally drew up an extra cc of tren..... I was using a 5ml sirenge instead of a 3 and it kinda messed me up. That tren is 150mg/ml so now i have 300mg in there. I take the shot e3d so would it be safe to just do it and skip my next dose or what do you guys think..... BTW I havnt shot it yet waitin on some opinions....
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Anybody have any good advice for this situation.... I am thinkin it wont be a prob due to the fact that it is tren enan but I just want to make sure.
Ouch 3cc's SUCK!!! lol should i wait till the 25th to do my next tren e? or should i just keep on as schedualed.....in all my time of doin gear i have never had this happen...maybe cause i am at work and was nervous i dunno....