Sub q test injection let's have a talk


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Hey guys
Recently I've started doing sub q test prop injections
I'm only crusing at the moment so I'm on about 300 mgs a week.

Now I just wanted to get some fellas guys on trt cycling whatever thoughts and personal experiences doing sub qs with test how did you find it compared to intra muscular injections.

So far I've been using prop because it's absorbed quicker as you guys know and I believe subq takes longer to absorb compared to intra so my thinking was the prop should make up for some lost time. The only downside is the volume needed is leaving me with some nice big lumps on my stomach .

With this in mind I've started leaning towards sust for subqs or just a mix of test e and prop that should cut some of the volume down as e is usually 250 my per ml compared to props 1 to 1 ratio.
So what's do you boys think?

Of course this is only for crusing all cycling stacking will be Im as per usual . But on that note I accidentally subqed a bit of prop the other day that had some tren ace mixed in with it farkkkkk me did it sting but funny enough about 20 min later I felt great haha and I thought sub q was supposed to take longer than I'm to absorb? I dunno in in murky waters here any personal experience would be much appreciated thanks boys
Listen you dumb fuck! if you used the search button and posted on one of the great threads on the topic everyone would get a chance to read all of the past experience on the subject.

You are not to bright. I'm a legend in the bodybuilding world for those in the know. I still weigh in at over 270 now 10 years after I stopped training full time. The company you are reping wouldn't be in business if it weren't for the work I did as a chemist.

Have a good day mate.

Bye now.
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