Diet Critique and question on first cycle


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running first cycle test e 500mg EW (pin 2x a week) tbol kickstart 50mg ed for 6 weeks running cycle 12 wks,
My diet is as follows, currently 15 days into cycle, up 15lbs already, probably mainly water weight from diet change and added creatine in beginning, feeling bloated so stopped creatine yesterday, should drop a few lbs water in the next couple days. oh and running aromasin eod 12.5mg
I eat robotically so i can hit macros so this is what i eat everyday
oats w/protein powder for breakfast
3lbs turkey 93/7 >this and rice are split into 5 meals i eat throughout day
2 cups brown rice(4 cups cooked) > typically every two hours
light soy on rice, tons of sriracha
1 scoop protein post workout, and right before sleep
comes out to 3900 Cals, my food app says 330 protein, 255 carbs, 145 fat, this is 400 cals above maintinence for me natty
Stats before: 184 5'11 training 3 years seriously Bf guess: about 14 age: 25

How often should i bump up my cals ? like every 5lbs bump up cals 100 or 200, thanks in advance


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I stopped using Creatine a few years ago due to it making me uncomfortably bloated. Just saying. First cycle , really don't need Dbol but anyway ok. I am not a diet guru at all so I can't comment except that IMHOP I don't think you need to go over the top with your calorie count and increase.
At this point with you I would think it is more about what you eat, due to your eating enough now. AS you gain on cycle the 5lbs you speak of , well that is the water gain on cycle. To stay lean you can keep your total gain on cycle at 10 lbs because anything over is just water and fluids.

Depending on variables a man can only gain 15-20 lbs of LMM in one year. SO that's 3-6 lbs of LMM on a cycle x 3 cycles per year equals the max gain of LMM of 15-20lbs

Don't over calculate or figure and look for more weight while raising you calories to make it happen. Understand ??? :)


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At the variables you speak of include cycling at 500mg per week? I'm referring to the 15 to 20 lbs per year you speak of. I only ask because I have been curious as to what one can expect per year and I believe you are a knowledgeable person to ask. Sorry OP....hope I'm not hijacking here.
My apologies OMM...EDIT...I see where you answered this in a different thread. Thank you
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