Different types of Oils


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When brewing why is everyone seem to be using either olive oil or grapeseed oil. The store has: those two, crisco, corn oil, flaxseed oil. Why not use these because they are a lot thinner? Just asking if there is a reason why everyone is using grapeseed and olive oil and not the others.
yeah i have canola oil and grapeseed oil and the canola is actualy thinner. i want to use the canola but i never heard of anybody using that. is there any reason not to use it?

the canola never seems to go bad, but i keep hearing about a 1 year shelf life for grapeseed.
i use grapeseed...nice an thin goes through 25g pin....i have some home brew thats 2years old now in GSO thats holding great.....grapeseed oil and EO FTW!!!!