2nd Anavar only cycle - maximalization of efectivity

Hi guys, //Caution - Euro-English// :D
I'm triing to get back in shape this year, after injury which f*** me up for more than year.. I already ran one 6 week anavar cycle, but it was based on experience of Czech bodybuilders (40mg/day, no PCT...). It was working for me somehow, but I'm pretty sure it can works much better.

The gym world is quiet crazy, cause for one simple question you can get 20 different answers and everyone has his own truth. That's the reason why I spent last few months searching for informations and also the reason to make this thread.

Basic info about me: 25yo, 110kg (approx 220lbs) with curent BF 20% (yep, quiet shi* :/ ).
I'm living in the Europe so there're some limitaions for suplements which I can buy on the table... or under table ;).

I based my new shedule on good known basics, medical studies and ofcourse my own eperience with my body.
Main goal of this schedule: increase muscle mass and strenght and cut some fat (I'm 100% sure it can be done at the same time - based on results from last anavar cycle). Just take as much as I can from the cycle.

I'll be glad for any advaces or comments for the schedule.

Cycle diet:
- 350g proteins
- 150g carbohydrates
Thinking about change 300g prot / 200g carbs.
- incl. some protein shakes in the morning and gainer after workout.
This gainer inc. Taurin, DAA, HMB, creatine, L-arginin, L-ornitin, Trigonella foenum-graecum L.
- taking ussual mix of vitamins, minerals, BCAA and other common suplements

Workout plan:
- 3+1 at the moment
- gonna change it to 2+1 with two time a day

Anavar (Oxandrolone) for 6-8 weeks (we'll see)
I'm able to get 20mg capsules only :/
- start with 60mg per day. At 9am, 4pm (2hours before workout) and midnight.
- after 2-3weeks increase to 80mg/day. I'm not sure how to split the dose through the day..
This dose should be still "safe", based on medical researchs.
- using liver protection suplements at the same time..

Additional fat burners:
- T5 (25mg ephedrine + 250mg caffeine) 2 times a day (morning + before workout). Thinking about 75mg of ephedrine per day (clinical test which I found used 3x30mg).
- Synephrine twice a day (morning+prework), should be beneficial with no possible damage and it costs nothing :D.

- Mesomorph (DMAA), approx. 20mg of DMAA in the morning (increase ephedrine effects) + 65mg DMAA pre-work.
- Considerring Hydrapharm Hydrazine (DMHA) and Driven Sports Frenzy (DMBA) to make some change.
Mesomorph (DMAA) is working quiet good, but the "tunel effect" becoming too strong for me so I'm kind ower-focus :D.. I hope switching between DMHA/DMBA as pre-work can provide me with mora rage and I'll use DMAA just as addition for ephedrine.

I can't find any source of "medical" pcts like Nolvadex in the Europe...
- thinking about Nolvadren XT for 4-6 weeks

Please don't post coments like "you should tak more than 120mg of anavar per day" or "stack anavar with //anysteroid//".
I think you'll get pretty consistent comment here - we all believe you should stack other AAS with a testosterone base. It can be small, like say just 100 mg/wk Test E for example if you want something else like Anavar to do the work.

When I look at your post you list a ton of things, supplements and dietwise. I know those supps aren't cheap, and I know Testosterone is cheap, so I wonder if you are missing a simple but very required element? You'd be better off sourcing some testosterone and ditching all those supps, than doing it the other way around.

Dietwise - I'm not the guy, but I will say 350g protein is a lot. If you are getting a bunch of that from shakes you need not worry since your body won't absorb most of it. You can figure around 20% or so if you take it on an empty stomache. If you take it on a full stomache it is higher as it gets slowed down in your digestive tract, but if you are doing that then what's the point? Just eat solid food, like real meat.

80 mg/day Anavar is a good and effective dose, no need for more and I woudn't do less. But I'd for damn sure get some testosterone base, and I'd get real PCT drugs like nolvadex and clomid. If I couldn't then I'd ditch the cycle.
Anavar only cycle? Tablets or injections? This sounds like a bad idea. Really really bad. Of you have real var, which is a crap shoot you'll get dbol or winstrol instead, then I've heard good things but only when stacked with test. I am assuming you are Male? I've only ever heard of women doing var only. My sister is a pro bodybuilder. I've seen a lot of women do oral only cycles but never a man. We need testosterone. I know you didn't want to hear this and I am sorry.....but this site will never ever ever ever ever ever say to do an oral only cycle unless you are a woman or on trt. Pretty sure if bros on here started condoning this cycle then a lot of us would bail out of here.
So.....take the advice and add the proper gear or bail out and find a site that thinks this is ok.
God bless and good luck my friend
Welcome to the site. How where your blood levels after your first anavar cycle? Like the members said above as well that oral only cycles are not for me, you must have a testosteron base, pct plan.