do deadlifts thicken waist


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I don't think this debate is really settled, it probably does effect the waist size in some people(genetics), once you have cut the fat off. I used to have a thin waist, but after years of squatting and adding muscle everywhere, my waist is much thicker. It doesn't just stay the same despite having to do heavy exercise

For some people having a small waist with huge upper and lower body is hard, even in the gym only a small fraction of people have that combination.

Roger that!

After adding about 55 60 lbs naturally to my body, my waist got a bit bigger, and lower body carries most of it from hitting squats and deads hard.


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How, exactly is a deadlift going to to thicken your waist? Thicken your back, sure. Tighten your obliques, sure. But the last thing I'm worried about with deadlifts is that my waist is gonna get to big. I'm not a pro bodybuilder though.

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go to a PLing meet and look at the guys puttin up big niumbers and look at thier wastes. look at coleman's. I am squatting over 8, pullin 7 or so and benching high 5s and over the years my waste has continued to grow as has the rest of my body. just cause a guy has a small waste doesnt mean anything cept for thats his genetics. it would be smaller if he didnt squat or pull deads. I dont know needsize or what his training looks like. I am a personal trainer as well as a holder of many master's state, national and world records in PLing. do some research and dont base everything on one guy.

Coleman, along with most other IFBB's, have that big gut due to years of HGH use. Heavy core movements will expand your midsection, but not even close to this extent. In fact, it's something I personally wouldnt even worry about. HGH gives you this gut buy actually increasing the size of your organs.


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Dead lifts have helped my squats and all of my other excersises. I would tell anyone from my experiences to incorporate deadlifts into thier routines to build a stronger core that will help decrease possible injury. besides, women love strong backs, lol.



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Deadlifts are always incorporated into my back routine. Although they have thickened my back, they have not thickened my waist.


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Straight up you guys, I am not a Guru but this happens to be something I have some knowlege about.. Your waist size is genetic,, deadlifts if anything will reduce your waist size if fat, otherwise no deadlifts wont explode your waist size. Your DNA is responsible


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They apparently make the waist thicker, but muscles that deads and squats add to your waist are overshadowed by the many inches they add to your legs and back.

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Squats will cause a much wider waist than deadlifts because of your center of gravity. With the weight balanced on your shoulders your center of gravity is moved way up requiring your midsection to perform alot more stabilization, therefore leading to a thicker waist. With Deadlifts on the other hand, the weight remains relatively low requiring much less stabilization from your core muscles.

well said , But without squat and dead-lift one can never achieve ultimate level of muscularity / mass.


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“Power development requires heavy weight, high sets, and low reps,” Caldwell says. “It could be 4–5 sets of 3 reps, 5–6 sets of 1–2 reps, or up to 7–8 sets of a single rep. Prilepin's Chart (based off of Russian research of Olympic lifting) is a good marker for those who don't know how to control volume.”