do deadlifts thicken waist


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BronzedGoddess said:
I have to disagree. Heavy squats make my waist thicker. I don't have much of a waist as it is, but when I squat heavy my obliques grow and it gives me a very boxy, boyish shape. But I can only speak from my experiences.

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tight said:
hey pullin, im curious to know what your opinion is on the westside barbell system? do you think that these principles only apply to gear assisted powerlifters? would a raw lifter be better off if he were to add more full range movements for the core lifts?

I have been off for over a year, westside needs to be tailored to your recovery abilities. It took me a while to get it to work for me. You don't need to be on to use it. Just don't copy one of the workouts from the guys who post their workouts on elitefts. Also thier was a great article by louie who had one of his new guys performing his ME and DE work and one accesory exercise each. This was until he could get his work capacity up. You don't need to do 8 exercises each session. Check out my journal, and check out Blackbeards journal, we both have been off for some time and are doing well. Me personally, not sure if i am every going back on.


It did thicken mine but what cha gonna do if you wanna grow then you got to do it brother.


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pullinbig said:
I have had several people asking me for a routine. So......

Here’s a generic routine that is a good starting point. This is a mass building routine. Probably less volume than you are used too but very effective. Three days per week because that’s all most folks can handle if they are training heavy. They key is near failure or forced/assisted reps. Painful but very effective if you really want to put on size. This does not include warm ups so that is up to you to make sure you are stretched and plenty warm before performing work sets. A work set is defined as a set that you just barely get all reps or need assistance on one or two reps. If you get all the reps fairly easily then it is a warm up and not a work set. Add cardio on the days off to fit your needs.

Squats 2 x 5
Box squats 2 x 5
Leg presses 1 x 20 (pick 1 of the squats + the leg presses)
hips 1 x 20-25 reps
posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
Calves (your choice of exercise if you like) 2 x 10
heavy abs 2 x 20

Wide grip flat bench 2 x 6 (index fingers on the rings)
flat bench hammer grip db press 2 x 8-12 reps
tricep push downs 1-2 x 8-100reps. (yup 100)
db side laterals 1-2 x 10reps light
db front raises 1-2 x 10reps light
pull-a-parts 1-2 x 20reps

Dead lifts (rotate variations each week) 2 x 5
posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
rows 2 x 4-8reps
Reverse grip narrow grip pull downs 2 x 4-8reps
Standing wide grip curls 2 x 8-12 reps (or your favorite curl here)
hammer curls or reverse curls 2 x 8-12reps
heavy abs 2 x 20reps

Every one of these movements is a mass building exercise or an assistance movement to incease the core movements. These are the essential movements for putting on size. Rest and nutrition are just as important as lifting, neglect any one of the three and you will not grow. Juice or no juice all will grow with this routine or a similar one. Consistency is the key. Adding 5 lbs to the bar every other week equals 130lbs/year. Not bad considering many are moving the same weight year in year out. Strength gains are the key to growth, not the other way around.

Bear in mind this routine or any other will need some tweaking after several weeks. but if you looking to keep it simple give it 12 weeks and you will be amazed.

I hope this helpful to all who read it. I have designed many programs for a variety of athletes with varying needs. If you have special needs such as martial arts, football or gymnastics (to name a few) the program can be altered to accommodate these needs.

posterior core movements include:
good morning variations
reverse hypers
45° hypers
hyper extensions
romanian deads
dimel deads
glute hjam raise
pull thrus
the list goes on

on mondays session it says HIPS: what is this? also what are pull a parts?
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pullaparts are done w\bands and hit the rear delts nice. I use rear delt machine or go on an incline and use dbs.

Hips are the ab\adductor machines.(where u sit and one you sqeeze w\the legs and the other yuo push outwards.)


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they prob. do thicken the waist but they make everything else bigger 2 so its all proportional. I'd never quite doing DLS


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mister69 said:
pullaparts are done w\bands and hit the rear delts nice. I use rear delt machine or go on an incline and use dbs.

Hips are the ab\adductor machines.(where u sit and one you sqeeze w\the legs and the other yuo push outwards.)



needsize said:
On a big compound exercise like deads, I think one all out set to failure is enough for growth, its worked really well for me. Also, those all out sets are very heavy, up to 550lbs for 5 reps
Off subject.

My old techer is a farmer when he's not working at the school. And he looks like a small strongman. My friend asked him if he'd ever worked out besides wokring on the farm and he said "Yes, when i was younger, but it was nothing serious. I think i only took around 600lbs in the deadlift" Some people don't know how lucky they are :rolleyes:


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manzanilla said:
ive heard deadlifts can thicken your waist ive also heard squats can to but ive never believed it so ive continued doing them i figured that might happen to bb's tht juice but im natural so i figured im safe wht opinions are out there on this one.

Simply: Yes, a little bit.
But if you have a genetically gifted small waist, then it is not an issue. If you have a genetically thick waist, then I'd stay away from them.


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needsize said:
I couldnt agree more, they will set you up for a hernia(this from a sugeon that I saw) and will just keep your core weak. I havent used one in over 5 years and my strength and muscular development is much better for it

Wait, wait, NOT use a belt? Ive been using a belt for almost 3 years. I really feel that it helps get the numbers up and feels more comfortable but I think it does keep the core weak. When should someone incorporate the belt in? I dont think I will ever be squatting or pulling over 6 like pullinbig says so when do I use it? When I do singles or doubles? I train like a powerlifter. Am into both BB and PL.


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needsize said:
I disagree with arnolds comment re using a belt. I have 28" quads, with a waist that was 29.5" on contest day, and havent used a belt in many years

Bimmer, wierd that squats to the floor hurt your knees more as when you go below parallel, the stress actually shifts from your knees to your hips, which is a stronger joint anyway

Well it looks like you are wearing a belt in that bench video. So do you wear em or not? Ive been wearing em for 3 years now thinking I was supposed to and now I'm finding out i'm not. I think they help but I also think they get in the way and keep the core weak halting gains at some point although I managed to increase my deads alot even with it but I changed my training doing more assistance exercising.


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I deadlift like crazy or I don't get big. If my waist grew it was not even a consideration because my legs and torso blew up and made my waist look smaller then it really is.


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what is wrong with a thicker waist? you do not want to be strong everywhere else and have a weak link in your midsection.

as long as you work out your full body properly you will still have the wider shoulders to a narrow hips look as it is part of the male anatomy.


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they make your abs thicker especially if you dont use a belt. obviously this is a good thing.
my chick does heavy dead and her waist and stomach look awesome