Drink winny?

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Hi guys,

First of I'm new to this board but I have been reading post for a while now.

Ok my question, I heard from a couple people that you can drink liquid winstrol instead of injecting it and you will get the same results. Is there any thruth to this statement? If so is it worse on your liver?

Yes it is true u can drink as far as liver I heard both sides yes it is harder and no its not so I dunno someone will chime i here and lay it straight though:40oz:
Well it's not me who wants to drink it. Im just trying to help out a buddy of mine who has needlephobia :) Just trying to gather as much info as i can for him.
If your gonna go through the trouble of getting and doing the gear, the diet et all, do it right. <delivered in a motivational tone>
You can drink it but you may wanna swish it around first and yes I, too, heard that it tastes like ass. I never heard of taking it with oj, maybe they got their post w/o shakes confused.
this question hasn't been answered 100x already? maybe it is just on the other boards, but it seems like every other day a new question about drinking Winstrol (winny) comes up.
Had some Winstrol (winny) last summer that clogged every single time. Saved myself the hassle of fighting it & just drank it. Got pretty decent results doing it that way. It has a chalky type taste to it.
Rhino58 said:
Bro a lot more will be absorbed if you inject.

I guess you have had your levels checked after each type of administration...right?

Anyway, the difference in results is neglegible. As long as you drink it twice a day, you will keep blood levels more constant.
The taste is not that bad. I always drink the small amount of Winstrol (winny) that remains in the syringe after injecting. Not too bad.
Anyway the only reason I could find for drinking instead of injecting is the pain on your ass Winstrol (winny) gives.