Mid cycle extension, plan and execution help, bit lost


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Hello bro's, so i've been on about 10-11 weeks now, maybe 12, only taking 400mg testosterone enanthate

I have to make this decision even though I don't like it because I have gear to make it a 30+ week cycle... and I want to recover lol.
Starting from monday, I'll run a maximum of 14 more weeks. Which is what my 20k iu hcg can cover.

With my supplies on hand what seems to make sense FOR ME is this(I'm out of my depth here, never ran winny or this many compounds plus peptides ever before, really need input and help here.) ;

On monday I have 3 weeks left of my opened test E vial.
I have 8 weeks of masteron and testosterone propionate @ 250mg per week(shout out to anon44 for his recommendation on lowering test/mast values when stacked with var/winny).
Plan is to do monday, wednesday and friday injections.

Have 25 days of 40mg winstrol inject, doing ED. (0.8ml?)
Also have 50 days of anavar and winstrol oral @ 40mg ED.


For peptides/ancillaries this is the plan.
500iu HCG. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Total 1500 iu per week.
Will run 20 mg proviron ED for 10 weeks.
CJC-1295 DAC will be taken every third day @ 500 mcg. Total 1000 mcg per week for 10 weeks.
GHRP-6 for synergy with cjc will be taking @ 142 mcg ED, just before bedtime. Total 10 weeks.
Aromasin 10mg per day, might be bumped up to 20mg knowing how sensitive I am.
50mg clomid every monday, wednesday and friday.
B12 vitamin shots every second week.


So i'll wait 1,5 week from now then i'll start peptides, in another 1.5week from that i'll start the winny/var/masteron stack for 8 weeks,, having all peptides covering full stack. This also be making the total cycle length about 21-23 weeks, can't remember exact start date and to lazy to look it up.

As you can see anavar will not last the full 8 weeks and will be off by 1 week, same with oral winny.
Obviously i'd prefer using up the injectable before eating all the pills because I still having to open a vial regardless, which means 25 days injectable and 45 days on oral. Should i start with orals and end with injectable or vice versa?
Would YOU delay starting anavar one week to match the final push so to speak or just start it with everything else?

Some input would be lovely as I feel bit clueless here and don't wanna fuck anything up :p
Any suggestions? Something I've missed? Anything you would do differently? Should I adjust training? Anything with diet? Plz help, i'm lost and desperate :(
Thanks bros
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what are your stats?

34 years old, 3rd cycle(ran testo/tren/mast/var before)
I'm 5.8, about 12ish% body fat (-+ 0.5%), weighing 71 kg -+ 0.5-1kg difference throughout the day.
I have sorta plateaued the last 3-4 weeks and not gaining much weight, although i'm losing bit fat so I guess the weight is balancing out between fat loss and gains.