duration on winny...


i was wondering what you would think is to long to be on winny...50 mg daily zambon inj....my bro is think 10 weeks for his cycle...he is running deca for 8 weeks with it at 200 mg......

I would run Winstrol (winny) about 6 weeks. Where is his Test..the base of all cycles??
he is running deca....but why ad test if he is not looking to bulk or gain a lot of strength...test is the base of a cycle if you want it...he is lookking to harden what he has as well as lean up with his diet and not ad any water etc....the deca is for a bit of strength increase for him...
Test Prop.....sorry but I don't like Deca...I'm a firm beliver in using Test as base. Test prop would get him hard and help him lean up.
I think for his goals it would be a very good combo. Prop/Winny.
Deca at 200 mg/week is not going to do very much except shut him down.

Are you suggesting he take the Winstrol (winny) only 3 days/week at 50 mg/day, I don't like that idea either.

Lastly, I would add some Test in there, Prop as jyzza said would be a nice fit.
he front loaded 600mg deca for 3 weeks and dropped to 200 mg...hw wants to do the Winstrol (winny) eod instead of ed...he has plenty to do ed...i say 50 mg eod and run the deca for 8 weeks at 400 all the way through and since he is running the Winstrol (winny) from jump, run it for 10 weeks...

I think what StoneCold is saying is that Winstrol (winny) needs to be administered ED because of it's short half-life. MWF or EOD is no good. If he doesn't want to do ED injections just tell him to drink it.
Eod Winstrol (winny) injections is fine. Yes, Winstrol (winny) does have a short half-life but ed injections are NOT mandatory for gains, especially if this guy is relatively new to AS cycles. Is that the case? If so, I would recommend Eod injections at 50mg's at 1 injection of Deca per week of at least 300mg's.

Like Stonecold said, 200mg's of Deca will only shut him down. Test Prop Eod at 100mg's would also be a good complement since it's a fast acting ester, whereas Deca takes a minimum of 4 weeks to kick in. I don't know about the whole "frontloading" of Deca idea.