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I have been using an ECA stack for fat loss for about 10 wks.
The only exercise I have been doing till last week was my new
job (hand loading heavy freight) and bikeing 3 days a wk.
I am 6'1" and just started lifting again.
I drove semi had no time to work out and was really fat.
I was about 280 and am about 215 now.
I am concerned about gaining the weight back when I quit the ECA stack.
Is there a suppliment that kills the appetite without ephedra.

Thanks for any advice.
No Idea of a supp that will supress you appetite.Have you tried drinking at least a gallon of water aday?This will give you a feeling of fullness as well as other benefits
Yes I drink at least 1 gal a day.
I read it helps the skins elasticity so you dont get flaps hanging
off your waist. it seemes to work.
I don't know of an ephedra free supplement that suppresses hunger, but, in addition to having a lot of water, you will feel more full if you:

have foods with less fat
- no fried food, redmeat, and especially nuts

have foods with more fiber
- have wholewheat or multigrain bread instead of white
- have stuff with lots of greens in it
If you're lucky you can still find some NYC.
I stacked it with an ephedra free Thermogenic, and it worked pretty well for fat loss and fair for appetite supression.

Of course 5-6 small meals instead of 2-3 large ones will help.