Enanthate Powder


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I am sure some one has asked this in the past but I will venture out and do it again because I didn't see it in the forum(s). How do you run across some powder. I would like to try and do some chemical wizardy my self. I wouldn't mind trying to make the Tren or Test Enanthate. I would perfer to mak the Tren because it looks easier. But back to the question is this stuff only to be gotten through a friend of a friend of a friend...ect?????? I am really excited about all this stuff I am reading on how to make your own homegrown and would like to try it out. Any help would do. Thanks:)
Powders are illegal just like any other AS and must be obtained in the way you would obtain anything else of that nature. Your post bascally is setting you up to be scammed by someone trying to offering to sell you powder.