Essential on-cycle supplements?


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First off, I apologize if this isn't the best forum to post this in.

What supplements (not SERMs/AIs etc) do you guys consider mandatory to take when you're on a cycle?
I currently run glucosamine with MSM, fish oil omega 3s, and ranitidine, plus I just picked up a few bottles of NAC to give that a shot. In all reality, I should probably be running all of these regardless of whether I'm on-cycle or not tho lol.

What are you guys running? What other suggestions do you have for me?

Also, how much NAC should I be using each day? I'm not currently running any orals FYI. How much should I use while running orals? They are 600mg tablets.


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I usually take 1200mgs of Nac a day, GNC mega men vitamins, GNC triple strength fish oil, Hydrolyzed whey protein, casein protein, garlic extract, glutamine, BCAA powder mix, vitamin d, and some buffered creatine monohydrate if im trying to do insane lifts and break PR's.

Mad- scientist

Coq10 is also a interesting supplement to take it has been shown in certain cases to lower blood pressure by up to 20% which is pretty damn nice if your taking D-bol or something like that. And it can help with endurance and APT production I think.


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Whey protein Isolate (any other protein is garbage IMO, and you should only be using this once per day PWO)
Probiotic to help aid digestion
Greens to help buffer PH in the body
some sort of an electrolyte supplement is great to Pre and Intra workout to help with hydration
a MultiV if you don't eat any or enough veggies
Some sort of liver protection

This is all I take and I really don't see an need for anything else, there are a million supps that articles build up to do this and that and give you an edge , but in the end its just a bunch of BS IMO and a waste of money.

Keep this in mind; Supplements are exactly that, a supplement, for if you aren't getting what your body requires through food, not something you use instead of eating how you are supposed to. You body want nutrients from food not supplements weather your bodybuilding or not. Some people have a sup list that's a mile long and its totally un necessary if you are eating how you should be.