evan's diet log.


I used to include some of my meals in my training log but to keep shit simple i think im gonna write out two separate logs...one for lifting and one for eating. I find that if i keep track of what im eating, ill eat better. Currently im a fat fuck and looking to cut down on my BF while retaining as much lean mass as possible. I know thats pretty much everybody's goal but we'll see how it works out. I believe im at around 230 with fat as high as 17 percent. My goal is to drop to around 15 hopfully with the fat more around 11-13 percent. Also, im doing this with no stims clen or any supps like that. Wish me luck.

8:30am - Bowl of old fashioned oat meal with rasins and bananas

12:30pm- Grilled Chicken over brown rice with a side of broccoli. Side of honey mustard.

2:15pm- Large iced coffee w/ skim milk and sugar (only put in bc of dairy and sugar)

4:00pm- Grilled chicken wrap with lettuce and honey mustard

8:45pm 3 large peices of grilled chicken with broccoli and red peppers

Currently have no protein powder so i need to get all my protein from food. which is actually better IMO but harder. will keep you updated.
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9:30am bowl of old fashioned oats W/ rasins.
12:30 Grilled chicke with brown rice and broccoli. Side of honey mustard
2:00pm 2 slices of pizza
10:30pm 2 large peices of grilled chicken with 2 peices of broc. 1 deli roll (needed carbs and thats all i had) 2 tangerines.

obviously didnt eat enough today and fucked up with the 2 slices of pizza. shit is hard with no protein powder.

8:30am- Bowl of Oatmeal w/ rasins and bananas
3:00pm- Deli turkey w/ two slices of cheese on deli roll
makes me hungry and woot for oatmeal..the cholesterol killer...so it says. up your cardios bro. heck, imma start a diet log too..would be nice too
carolinacrackah said:
Why is it you dont take in protien in the AM?

i have a real sensitive stomach. i can only eat a few things in the morning with out being condemed to the toilet. im gonna give it a try over winter break though....and im also gonna start posting my diet info cus i completly forgot i even had this.

1054am can of tuna fish with balsamic vinegar
11:40 slice of pizza
1:00pm half a sausage/peppers roll
3:00pm grilled chicken wrap with lettuce and honey mustard
6:45 protein shake
9:00pm 3 chicken breasts rice green beans

decided im gonna keep this diet log no matter what. ate real shitty today. being that i work at a pizzeria, i constantly snack on all the shit they have out in the front, hence the pizza and sausage roll.

keep u guys updated with any more grub that i eat.
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1:30 pm - 40 gram protein shake and a Nature Valley Trail Mix fruit and nut bar
5:30 pm - Two cans of tuna fish with balsamic vinegar. 2 bananas
7:30 Pm - Two Large pieces of grilled chicken W/ Honey mustard. Brown Rice
11:00Pm - 60 Gram Protein Shake.
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Double3 said:
Great log.

Way to keep it updated..lol

lol yeah i wanna get it back on track. started lifting at a new gym today so i figured today was as a good a day as any.
im trying bro. problem today was i got up way to late and didn't get in enough meals. I got 2 meals and 2 shakes...ideally i wanna do 3+3

10:15am 60 gram protein shake
12:30pm Grilled chicken over brown rice with honey mustard. Large Ice coffee with skim milk and splenda.
4:30pm- Post workout Shake. 600 cals 55 grams of protein 85 grams of carbs.
6:30pm- 60 gram shake. 2 bananas.
8:30pm- Chicken Burrito (Homemade fresh shit) Steak taco. All healthy ingredients except the refried beans on both.
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theres no fucking food in my house...hence all the fucking shakes today. TERRIBLE. my father better be at fucking stop n shop right now :wallbash:

10:30 40 gram protein shake
12:30 Gilled Chicken, brown rice, honey mustard
4:30 60 gram protein shake. Whole grain and oat cookie. banana.