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If your goal is to increase muscle mass by gaining weight, you should train with discipline and eat as much as possible. However, this does not mean that you are free to eat chips, chocolates, and drink coke, you should avoid junk food and eat healthily.

Disciplined training, conscious weight training, Eating a lot of food and trying to eat a lot even if it is difficult. Gaining Muscle by Burning Fat:

If your goal is to increase muscle mass by burning fat, you should train with discipline and eat carefully. Since you are overfat, you should decrease your calorie intake. Make it your goal to reduce your body mass to a minimum; this will make increasing lean muscle mass much easier. If you control your diet and continue to exercise, your fat mass will not increase; on the contrary, as your muscle mass increases, you will appear less fatty.

Creating a calorie deficit with cardio and boosting metabolism. Disciplined training, conscious weight training, I Want to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat;

If your goal is to burn fat and increase muscle mass, you should follow a highly disciplined training program and eat carefully. You should eat a little and often. Weight training will send hormonal signals to the body.

You should also do cardio to increase your calorie deficit and keep your diet balanced. Neither starving yourself nor overeating is a good choice. You should burn fat and gain muscle at the same time, maintaining the balance is difficult but possible. You should always keep a balance.

Disciplined training and conscious weight training, Neither starving nor overeating with a qualified diet. Remember! Looking fit and muscly is obviously a lifestyle. Without changing your habits and lifestyle, you cannot have the body you desire, and even if you do, you cannot maintain it. If you are willing to change and discipline yourself, there is nothing you cannot achieve!

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To gain muscle mass and increase weight, it's important to train with discipline and eat a lot of food. However, it's crucial to focus on healthy eating and avoid junk food like chips, chocolates, and sugary drinks. Eating a balanced diet will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build muscle effectively. Consistency in training and conscious eating are key to achieving your goals. Keep up the hard work. Avoid extremes like starving yourself or overeating, and focus on a qualified diet that supports your goals. Remember, transforming your body is a lifestyle, so it's essential to make sustainable changes and maintain them in the long run. With dedication and discipline, you can achieve the body you desire.