Experienced HGH users, question. I'm in my 2nd month...


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and every part of my body is in pain. Ankles, shoulders, wrists, fingers, etc...My shoulders hurt so bad, I can't even take my shirt off anymore. Now, I know you can get carpal tunnel, but should it be effecting the rest of me? I'm only doing 2iu's a day. Should I continue the HGH? I haven't been able to lift in over a month!!!!

Thanks bro's!

That's not normal. What brand are you using? 2iu is not all that much at all. You can expect some swelling of the fingers.. but not what you're describing.

If you aren't even lifting, and are still in pain, then why the hell are you still even on it, if you think that you are experiencing these side-effects from it???

I took 3 kits in a row of Sero, and had no problems, other than arms going numb at night--a little. When I switched to the Eurotechs, I had full-on carpel tunnel 1/2 way through the kit. Most guys would tell you to lower the dose but considering this pain has you couch-ridden, then I'd just quit taking it. Would have about 2 weeks ago, if I were you.
Yeah, this really sucks. I know the shit is legit. Since it takes over 3 months to kick in, Thats why I haven't stopped taking it. I have been hoping the pain will go away if I took some time off from lifting....
the only problems i had bro where stiff fingers and swollen ,they were numb on and off all day ,and slight carpal tunnel .then after second monmth everything went away bro ,it a allergic reaction that ur body has and it takes a while to get use to it some do some dont everyone is different ,try switching brands ,i just switched form serostims to jintropin ,
Big N, thats what I'm going to do. Thanks!!!!! Yeah, I'm only on week 5 and I've heard people say after awhile the symtoms go away. Do you like the Jintropin over the Serostim? I've heard great things about it, plus it's cheaper!!!!!
Yes the pain goes away. It takes several weeks though and may require you to stop for 2 weeks and then restart. 2iu is nothin, but as you're seeing we're all different and react differently to the drugs we use. Most guys don't have that pain under 9iu. I got it at 4.5iu.
I tryed 2 kits of Serostim & was doing 4 iu's a day. The sides I felt was numb hands mostly the fingers and at night time. Your sides are not normal & IMO I would stop or switch to something else.
Are you currently taking roids with the HGH?
no, I'm not taking any AS right now. I just finished up a cycle a little over a month ago. I was planning on doing another one in a couple of months. I bet a lot of my pain has to do with the Winstrol. I had to stop it 4 weeks in because of stiff joints and problems with my shoulders. I bet it's still lingering? any thoughts????
Yeah, It's been a little over a month, but maybe the HGH is heightening the injuries? Right now I"m clueless. I did have the same issues while on Winstrol (winny). But it just seems it's getting worse, thats why I thought It had to do with the HGH
yeah its definately the GH ,load up witha a shitload of clucosamine and see what happens for now.