Looking for my optimal gear...


Gentlemen, I have been using this site as a great resource for quite a while now and finally made a profile today...because I am looking for some of your expert input.

1. I don't use gear for size, but for physical maintenance.

My military career destroyed my body...joints, a few localized muscular and vascular issues from bullet and shrapnel wounds, and minor brain injuries that have resulted in some physical limitations. An experienced gear guy and good friend of mine suggested I try a little to see if it helped me physically function better. SO...I did.

2. I use very small amounts in an attempt to remain fit but not continue to grow.

Due to some of the structural issues I have, size is more of an enemy than a friend. However, muscle density (though it adds weight) and strength have relieved a lot of my joint issues. I am pending 7 surgeries that will undoubtedly tax my body, but my doctors (whom I've been honest with about my practices) have been supportive of my strengthening in preparation for surgery.

3. I know I do not know enough to get the most out of this plan.

5'11"/185 @ 12%bf starting #1.

I ran test first per my friend's guidance. Sus250 @ 1cc per week for 4 weeks...and I had sore nipples and felt small knots. Obviously, not a good thing. I did, however, quickly notice the benefits, so I dropped to 1/2cc per week for 4 weeks to finish out the cycle.

5'11"/195 @ 9% starting #2.

I waited 2 months before I ran Winstrol (winny) second (kinda because of limited accessibility to gear...and that was available). Stan50 tabs @ 20mg per day for 6 weeks. I loved the effects. I do circuit training with {full-body, light weight, 1-minute/lift, 10-lift sets} x 4 divide by 10-minute interval runs in between each. I got extremely tight during workouts, but it really offset a lot of my limitations.

5'11"/205 @ 7% at completion of #2.

It was 6 months before I could acquire more gear and decided to try Tren Eth 200 (again per my friend's recommendation). I started with 1cc per week for 3 weeks and was getting to much bulk, so I cut it in half and ran another 5 weeks. I liked a lot about it, but the respiratory difficulty was just too much for my program. Nonetheless, I ran another cycle two months later, which I just finished.

5'11"/200 @ 8% right now.

4. I'm looking for what is the best for my program and intent.

The tren was great, but I just can't deal with the respiratory impact. I'm obviously very sensitive to test as far as potential for gyno. I'm extremely interested in HGH, but the reviews on the peptide options, etc are just all over the spectrum. I've been considering going for a Stan50 inj, because the tabs were great and I have no issue with pins. Also, I've only hit quads with pins and wonder if there is any negative consideration for just continuing in my quads...or do I HAVE to switch up my spots.

My buddy has been a good resource, too, but he's one-tracked...and HUGE. I have different goals and he can't get past his own tunnel vision.

ANY input you guys could throw at this would be greatly appreciated. I have yet to find someone with similar goals to mine...or enough objectivity to address mine.

Thanks in advance!


Young Padawan
Not an expert but you need test in every cycle. And i know deca is good for joints. and , GH stimulates growth in most body tissues, primarily due to increases in cell number rather than size. This includes skeletal muscle tissue also. Hgh could be good for your joints also and correct me if im wrong anyone but im sure it helps with injuries.