Fina length


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I am currently taking Fina only, trandermal and oral. I have been on it two weeks and would very much appreciate any advice on how to use it best by itself. I know Fina shuts you down hard without test but this is all I have. What is the very best thing I can do to bring natural test levels back up natural supplement or illegal supplement? If I could speak to a mod about this it would really help, I just don't know who to ask. I have alot of questions and I really don't want to post too many threads and seem annoying. I am trying to see if I can get some results without talking to a source. If I need to e-maill someone that can help me with questions about things so I don't clutter the boards PM me. I am really trying to find out quick so I know whether or not to get more Fina. I know Fina length is 4-6 weeks usually but I won't be able to run it that long if I can't find a supp to bring back natural test levels. I need to order Isopropyl myristate and more Fina and it usually takes them a while to ship. Thanks alot.
I think you need to re-think alot of things and do alot more reading on the board. It doesn't seems like you are ready for a cycle just yet. Why not stick around the board for a while and read some of the old posts. I think you would be better off that way. You won't regret it Bro.
There is no need to be shy bro. When u have a question that needs answereing then this is the board to be. Dont feel stupid. We are here to help. Now for your questions here are some opinions. ive never done fina using transdermal and even oral. U cant just swallow the pallets bro, u have to actually grind them w/ your teeth and let them sit on your gums till they melt. even the absorption rate is not 100 percent. Transdermal i heard will make u smell like shit and can even provide a rash at the area. So Why dont u just inject. If your a rookie. Do not do this by your self. you need to watch people do it and learn clean technquies to prevent a life threatning infection. injection is the only way to go. Sounds to me that you are a beginner. I think Fina is resserved for those that have a couple of cycles on there belt. if thats the only thing u got then maybe 45mg qd or eod would work for u. Drugs that will help bring your test levels back and decrease the prolactin.
1mg of armidex a day for 4 weeks.
1 tab of bromocriptine a day for 3 weeks.
that should bring u back promptly.
Rule 1 (according to me, anyways) Don't do fina alone, wait til you get some test to do along with it.

Rule 2 Don't do fina with Deca. Even with bromocriptine. Say good bye to your hard on.

Rule 3( which should be Rule 1) Read, research and remember! AS are dangerous. We all do them, but know the risks and weigh them against the benefits.