Finally decided to try EQ for myself! 200mg Test/500mg Boldenone


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Allright fellas as we all know, EQ is probably the most debatable compounds that you will absolutely get varying answers from people. A mate gave me he wanted to get rid of that he had so yes it is legit EQ and played a big role in saying yes to trying some so I thought hell why not. And who turns down free gear anyway?

Typically you will hear and it is most commonly accepted that increase in RBC/Vasculairty is absolutely going to happen with EQ. This is probably the only affect you won't find yourself getting into a debate with someone about. From then on, the hunger increase, lean mass increase, yada yada is where the argument starts. A lot of the times people can't truly say EQ did anything because they had a stack of other compounds. Some say they love it some say they hate it. A lot of people don't realise that boldenone is also good for collagen synthesis itself.

My personal opinion and what I am expecting this after a bit more research yet only just beginning the compound so not personally seeing for myself is that yes EQ is mild, and the gains you could expect should be lean, dry, keepable gains with good vascularity and if your lucky an increase in appetite but mg for mg not going to build what Test or Deca would, let alone Tren, yet absolutely more for mass gain than something purely DHT like Masteron, Winny and Anavar.

I will be running my cruise dose of 200mg Test E alongside 500mg of legitamte EQ... I'm not frontloading it but am using 50mg Masteron Prop ED for the first 3 weeks just for a little kick and yes it happened to also be free. At 500mg per week not frontlaoded come week 4 when the mast is dropped is when I would expected the EQ to get to work anyway. I don't think there is much to skewer using some Mast at the start. This way I can see exactly what Boldenone does for me itself. My plan is if I see absolutely nothing worth considering come the 10 week marks I may consider running it for a further 4 weeks alongside a low dose of tren however it will be useless in seeing its potential like that. I ran 500mg of Deca alongside the same does and was gettting results from week 3 onwards and come week 8 was very satisfied. I honestly do not expect those sort of results however I may even choose to add NPP in at the 10 week mark itself at 350mg per week and wrap it up at the 15 week mark. My plan was to blast after all, but I thought hell why not give EQ a shot.

Will keep updated in this thread, looking forward to any comments and EQ only experiences as there are so few.
Up the eq to 700 mg WK. I hear everyone say that that is the best dose to see results. I'll definitely follow this one.
I would love to try it at 800mg... I would have to say that after 10 weeks no results that are even worth mentioning at 800mg it would be considered worthless to me. Sure, my expectations are realistic, and I don't expect it to be like Test or Deca but I am hoping for at the least a noticeable appetite increase with some lean vascular mass and I'd be happy. One thing I have heard is that whilst it doesn't give anything crazy in terms of muscle, it is dry gains but also helps a lot in terms of keeping tighter during a bulk.
I was planning on running eq for the first time this summer will definitely be following this.
Now the question is lol... Up it to 800mg EQ and that way I'll be giving it a true shot and will know whether or not to waste my time with it, or go with 400mg EQ and 400mg Deca and I'll have guaranteed results (for those that don't know, I love my Deca lol).
I would love to get my hands on Bold Cyp... Unfortunately I can't and I can't figure out why labs are even wasting time with Bold Undecyl?!
to make money bro thats why..there is a demand so they make it...damn shame u cant get some bold cyp..that shit is the bomb

Bold Cyp is much more appealing, quicker onset, more free mg per hormone (pretty sure EQ is half ester half hormone?) and it still a long ester anyway. It's not like Deca to NPP
Go with 800mgs of eq. I would bump the test up too. Your blasting so blast it! Bold cyp is out there.
Idk what you are expecting to gain from 400mg of eq and 400mg deca. You may as well flush it down the toilet. I forget the exact %, but something like 85-90% of the gear is hormone and you don't absorb all of that. At 400mg a week, you might be getting 350mg in actuality. And both of those compounds need to be ran for +12 weeks.
i ran aml test e @ 500 wk 1- 14 aml t 400 @ 800 wk 14- 20 and aml eq 300 @ 600 wk 1- 19 around wk ten my vacularity was RIDICULOUS at all times especially in the shower or sauna they would like like there were mc donalds straws under my skin.... my strenght made a very big jump also ... but the biggest and most noticable thing for me was my appetite NO MATTER how much i ate or how often within ten minutes i would be starving again it got so bad i almost lowered the dose (when i start something i dont just stop lol) but this is my exp with EQ...
also what i had built up was Rock solid muscle... anytime i run a cyc longer than 12 wk i will always use eq . unless one of my go to's gets a shorter ester version (which would be great) :eyepoke:
Idk what you are expecting to gain from 400mg of eq and 400mg deca. You may as well flush it down the toilet. I forget the exact %, but something like 85-90% of the gear is hormone and you don't absorb all of that. At 400mg a week, you might be getting 350mg in actuality. And both of those compounds need to be ran for +12 weeks.

A lot... I respond well to low dosages, even better to high dosages. Doesn't mean I have to run a high dosage. An no, sorry mate but you are simply wrong as 200mg Test/400mg Boldenone/400mg Deca is a total of 1G... Last time I checked this is a shitload more than what your body will ever, ever produce. I blast and cruise, I can take my time running shit for as long as I want and low as I want. IMO, I think the gains would be far better at 200mg Test/800mg Deca and no EQ, then again lets all just flush everything down the toilet and stick to Test and Tren.

And yes, I know 800mg of EQ wouldn't come close to 800mg of Deca in terms of mass building potential. Believe me, I am well aware of that, I am doing this to see what EQ can do for me personally.
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I personally love EQ. You have to run it pretty long like at least 14 weeks 20 is even better. If you respond well to low doses then God bless you. Most have to run EQ at rather high doses. My first run with it. I did like your doing on its own with a little test. I like to see what each compound "tastes" like so I can learn how to manage sides so when I stack them I can identify what messing with me. My first run was not stellar I did notice vascularity and my appetite went up a little but nothing too crazy. What it does for me is slow steady gains. It's not a fast acting compound which is why i think most guys don't like it. They think if they are not blowing up like the Michelin man after 3 weeks then its garbage. But slow and steady wins the race. It's much easier to maintain your conditioning on EQ and still gain. So if you like to stay pretty lean then this is a good choice.

My second and third run with it I stacked it with NPP and Test and ran it at 800mg the Npp I think was like 600 and the test 750. THis was by far my best cycle I felt in a good mood and it was easy to manage estrogen no serious side effects some lite acne. But I gained a good solid 15 pounds of lean mass in 14 weeks. The last run I did I ran test at 1 gr and the EQ at 1.2 gr for 16 weeks. Honestly this cycle was not as good as the previous I was experimenting with higher doses. I tolerated it well but I think I could have made the same gains on a lower dose. like 800 EQ and 750 Test.

EQ is good to go but you have to be patient and consistent. If you have a good routine and your in this for the long haul then you will love it. If your looking to just get Jersey Shore jacked (puffy and smooth with skinny legs) to just attract the hoes then stick to D bol and deca. But if you want that quality old school west coast look and are in it for more than low quality pussy then it's probably for you:)
Yeah, I'd stick with a TRT dose of test and run that EQ by itself if you want a fair evaluation of what it does for you. I agree with the others that 600mg or more would be better. 800mg sounds like a fair dose to develop an idea.

My .02c :)
Did you start already OP? If so how is the PIP?

It will depend on who made it. But EQ is known for being pretty much painless. Some people even mix it in with some of the compounds with harsher solvents to make them bearable, which is why I went with Test P which is normally a little rough on PIP but because mixed with EQ it was painless.