First cycle at 18 for a walkon


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I start this by saying i know all the risk of taking a cycle young and i’m willing of taking it to reach my dream of playing division 1 Football. I have a pretty good knowledge on training and diet which helped me going from a 225 38% body fat 15 year old to now which i am 5’10 185 14%. I bench 290 and squat 455.
In high school because i used to be one of the heaviest dudes on the team got stuck to playing undersized line and never got rec***ted. Now after the last season i thought im done with Football and trying to reach 10% bodyfat for aesthetics until got accepted to a big football school and now i got a idea of walking on and reaching my dream because I feel faster and stronger than i have ever been.
I was going to train natural but i know most likely i just be a practice dummy doing so but I think 1 cycle before i go to college could take me to the next level and help me train as hard as I ever had and help me reach my childhood dream. I will be putting a lot of work and possibly getting a trainer. I be running a pct and doing a proper cycle and I will acept the fact If worst case scenario happens and i be on trt for life if i get to be part of division 1 Football team.
Main question is what other things could help me other than test to take my athleticism to next level and i would appreciate if someone could give me a layout of a cycke for a football player


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Sorry bro......but I don't think anyone on this site is going to tell you anything except don't do it. You're young and may want kids one day. Abuse of hormones could possibly jeopardize that. For the most part steroids are going to slow you down while on cycle.......not speed you up. Even playing it safe can cause cardio issues if you push too hard. Nothing about over using hormones is safe. The human body is not designed to cycle steroids. A true steroid cycle will likely triple the amount of testosterone in your system. Your body will immediately stop producing it's own in order to try and control it, why, because yoir body recognizes the danger. Your blood volume and thickness both increase.....leading to the previously mentioned cardio issues.
Besides, if you have some talent then it's best to naturally compliment it. Get a trainer if you need one. Develop your skills and work hard. Steroids are going to give you nothing that you couldn't get on your own. Trust me. Hormones don't make a football player. Sure....many pro players and many college players take steroids. But steroids didn't get them there. It probably gave them a small edge after a lot of abuse.

I'm sorry, I know this isn't what you were looking for. Maybe someone will tell you what you want to hear. Best of luck to you bro. Wishing you success in following your dream


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1st off ~ AAS aren't going to make you a Better Football Player.

You are either Good or You're Not ~ it's that Simple !

Now, you seem to have missed something else that is going to be Serving your Current Needs.
Your Natty Test, which is really going to Kick into Gear, from now till you reach 25 years old.

Why Circumvent that, and Risk long term damage to your HPT Axis.

You definitely are Strong Enough, based on the Lifts you Posted.
You should spend your time working on Speed Drills, and Overall Mobility.

What Position were you Playing, cause you weren't a Lineman at 185 Lbs.
But if you work on your Speed and Mobility, you could certainly be a Safety or DB.

Good Luck in College, and I hope you don't go down this road.
It's an Accident waiting to happen................................ JP


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You say you've done your research and you know the risks...

You ask tho for a cycle specific to football players...

No such thing exists


Hi there, your better off doing it naturally until your old enough to dable with steroids. good diet and proper training will get you to the next level easier than with gear. your shoting youself in the foot as well as you will not develop to your full mature size since you will do geat at age 18 and stay small forever.

also this will reprogram your own genes and if you are able to have kids in the future about the only sport they will be able to play will be soccer, tennis and maybe bowling.
dont shot yourself in the foot.


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OP, wow they told you straight up. I wouldn't know how else to put it.

This your time to make your own natural maturity. You will Not Get There Like This at your age


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Hope op, comes back, dont like what they hear from experts so rather listen to their gym rats.
You should not go near gear at 18 years of age. Wait till you finish growing at age 26 or so and then you can but at this age, diet and proper training will yield you better long term results.