First cycle, but I need advice on what I should on the cut out of the stack.


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My stats are 24 just shy of 25 years of age. I’m 185 15% body fat. Lifting for 3 years
I recently order the basic starter mass stack from naps. It’s as follows:

2 GP Test Enath250
1 GP Deca250
2 GP Turan
3 GP Anastrozole


Weeks 1-10: 500mg GP Test Enath250 ( 1ml Twice per week)
Weeks 1-10: 250mg GP Deca250 - 250mg ( 0.5ml Twice per week)
Weeks 1-4: 40mg GP Turan per day
Weeks 1-13: 0.5mg GP Anastrozole per day.

After doing research it’s evident I don’t need that much before I get a taste of even a test cycle. What would you guys recommend altering the cycle to as a first timer?
I also bought the basic pct stack as well off the site and again it’s stacked with way too much goods.
The pct pot contains:
2xgp nolva
2xpregnyl hcg
Also another question would there be a way to use that pct for my test cycle if I drop the deca etc?
Remove everything besides Test enanate.
HCG is not for PCT...

You are to young, to fat and to clueless to run any form of cycle...
Go read the beginner sticky.
I'd stick with test e 500 per week. Anastrozole .25mg two or three times per week. Running hcg just during cycle is considered standard around these parts. PCT nolva and clomid.....keep the doses low. Read the beginner cycle stickies. AND PLEASE NAIL DOWN YOUR DIET OR ABANDON YOUR MISSION.
Good luck bro. Have fun