First cycle plan. 2017 October looking for guidance.


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Hey everyone, I'm building my first cycle and just trying to make sure I'm doing everything right to get the most out of every drop. This cycle is probably a few weeks/months away still but I've been reading off and on for the last 3-4 years waiting patiently for the day when my body will be done growing. This is what I've come up with.


Age: 23
Weight: 220
Experience: 5 years
Bf estimate: 15-19%
Height: 6 feet

Blood work I plan on getting done pre, mid and post cycle testing. I've read a few stickies but I'm not sure where to go (Canadian) for testing and specifically what to make sure I include. (Double checking to make sure nothing's missed)

Test e: 300-600mg for 8-12 weeks
(Unsure on what to do for a first but I want to go with 600mg)
Var80mg daily (yes or no for first? I know I've read a lot about first just doing test but car is so easy on the body I'm wondering if I could toss it in for the shredded look I'm after.)

Also grab anti-estor just in case. Not sure if I need to take them or not throughout

Not to sure about pct haven't done much in depth reading.
Milk thistle
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
I know these are all options but what's the best way to throw everything together for pct?

Also something I've been concerned a lot about is becoming unable to have kids. What kind of risks am I looking at realistically?

Lift stats pr's & recent

Recent lifts (within past month)

Your to young you need to wait until your atleast 25. Also your BF % is to high and you need to do some more research. Reread all the stickies a couple times
Your to young you need to wait until your atleast 25. Also your BF % is to high and you need to do some more research. Reread all the stickies a couple times

Agreed. You bf% is to high, when people start a cycle over 15+% bf you will have more esteogen sides. It would be better for you to start at 25.

Drop the,Var, and just run Test. I would start at 300. 150 x2 a week. With Aromasin for your AI 12.5-25mg EOD.

Clomid and Nolva for PCT. HGC towords the end of your cycle, but not apart of PCT. For the blood work go to:

Menopause Testing - Private MD (This is the test you want, its for male and femaile)
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Try phoning some naturopath doctors in your area. In Canada, that seems to be the best alternate route to have bloods done.
Posts like this make me sad, they are so cliche and unfortunately all too common.

You say you have been reading for 3 or 4 years, but not sure if you need AI with 600 mg test per week. You must have spent less than 30 minutes reading this site, or paid little to no attention.

You don't know much about PCT? You should change that. Especially with a focus on wanting to have kids, or just a general desire to have a working dick in the coming decades.

Really you should wait a couple more years, and study up on all the elements of a cycle. Do that, read the stickies, come back with a more defined plan that you have put together with personal knowledge, and people here will be able to be of more help.
your body still needs 3 more years to finish growing and that includes your brain son. you will never achieve your full potential and even more sad, you will pass on your genetic deficiencies on to your offsprings, if you are ever able to have some.