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Hey everyone, I've been lurking around on and off for probably 6 years now and contemplating a cycle but have held off due to injuries, kids, work and not wanting to start something until I'm in a position to focus 100% on it and be as healthy in the gym as possible. I've been training moderately consistently for the last 12 years except for the last 2 years I've focused on my kids and a career that took off where I changed gears from lifting weights to trying to permanently repair my shoulder issues caused by muscular imbalances in my hips and upper back which have plagued me for years.

The last 6 months I've finally managed to get myself into the best position to proceed with a cycle. (anyone with shoulder pain from scapular winging/imbalances hit me up) I'm certainly not at my strongest or largest but am hoping with a cycle to jumpstart me to getting back to where I was, but this time with a more balanced and pain free physique. Since it's summer I've been cutting to maintain a leaner body but hoping to have all my ducks in a row by October for my first step to the dark side. In my 20's I've had an extremely high metabolism and have to focus most of my day on consuming calories so I'll be fine tuning my diet with some help over September in preparation for October to ensure I'm eating enough to maximize my gains.

Age: 30
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165lbs
BF: 10-12%ish I believe (going to get measured and will update)

Protein: 200gs/day
Carbs: 300gs/day
Fat: 80gs/day
Basically going to eat as much as I can all day, I'll taking 2 shakes a day made with protein powder, granola, fruit, seeds, full fat milk and anything else I can jam in for extra calories. I know this is an area I might need a little work on and will be dialing it in a month prior.

1-14: Test E 250mg x2/wk
1-14: HCG 250iu x2/wk
16-20: Nolva 40/40/20/20
16-20: Clomid 50/50/25/25

As far as armidex or aromasin go I'll have one in hand in case of gyno, however I've seen a few cycles where guys are taking this through the cycle to keep estrogen down. I could use some feedback here as I'm a pretty lean guy, I understand prevention is always better than treatment but are there potential side effects from these that might warrant not taking them unless required?

Looking forward to any feedback, thanks guys.


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Welcome! Cycle looks good BUT Ai is not to prevent gyno, so take it at the begining of your cycle.
I personally prefer aromasin.


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Looks good if you add in the AI from day 1. If you want to play it cautious take 1/2 dose, but still take it. 0.25mg adex or 12.5mg asin EOD is typical starting point for 500 test.

And waiting 10 days after last shot is not going to cut it for 500 test E, 21 days would be better.
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Casanovaaa and tankman got you covered OP. Only thing I might add is concerning your diet: your looking at 2700-2800 cal. that may be a little shy if you have a fast metabolism like you stated, probably closer to your actual maintenance. Everyone is different but I wouldn’t doubt that you might need to push that closer to 3,500 to make the most of your cycle.
Good luck