first cycle


Old dog suckin wind
K, i'm 43 5'10" 195lb 18bf been lifting for 2 years now. original wt. was 170 with alot more BF.

first ever cycle

wk 1-10 400mg test enan
wk 12-15 clomid 300-1 100-10 50-10

Proviron in case of gyno.
spunds pretty good but i would throw in some dbol for first 4 weeks at 30mg/ed to kick start ur gains.
StoneColdNTO said:
Looks good, NO need for D-bol as suggested, especially considering your age.
yeah at 43 your natural test is probably low enough that the test alone should give awesome results
Hey, Thanks for the advice!!!

I'm feelin like this is a real good board w/awesome bro's

I'll be lettin ya know my progress