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1-10 Test Eth 400 mg week

week 1-3 Test prop 50mg eod

week 2-10 .5mg armidex eod will adjust as needed.

week 13-16 clomid therapy

Nolvadex on hand if Armidex doesn't control the gyno.

Wanted to run the prop in hopes of seeing how my body reacts to Test before the long ester kicks in, and should allow me to go balls out from beginning of the cycle.

hoping for 15-20 lbs of long term muscle gain..
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Well.....Welcome to Steroidology bro !!!

Have you ever cycled before ??

You are going to have to increase your EQ dosage. You need a minimium of 350-400 mg/week.

Hopefully you have not purchased the EQ yet, if not get some with a 200 mg/ml concentration, then you can do it twice a week with your Enanthate.

Your expected gains are really dependant on your diet and training.
Clomid, Armidex, Nolvadex. haven't purchased the EQ yet, EQ sides can get nasty above 300mg a week, can definately increase the dose, but would it be safer maybe to substitute 400mg Deca a wk for the EQ, and increase Enanthate to 500mg wk? Possibility of bad sides have always kept away from juice.

As far as diet and training are concerned, been lifting for the better part of 14 years. Diet wise, hoping that by increasing quality protien, carbs and fats, to a balanced 4000 calorie (+ -) diet should be ok. know how to lift, but not sure exactly what to expect as far as how work outs will change under the above circumstances.

Thx again for your help, and remember testicles are in your hands...

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OK....that changes things up a little bit.

For a first cycle, I'd forget about the EQ all together. (BTW, never heard of 500 mg/ml before, 50 or 200 yes, but not 500.)
Not sure what sides from EQ you are talking about, it is one of the safer compounds out there.

What I would suggest for a first cycle is just 400 mg of Test Enanthate/week for 10 weeks. You can run the Prop for the first 3 - 4 weeks as you said before. 4 weeks might be stretching it, as you DO NOT want your blood levels in week 4 to be higher than they would be in weeks 5 and on, where they would be at maximium theraputic levels. ie; at 4 weeks you might over-shoot your goal of doing 400 mg/wk.
going to take you up on the Test only cycle, and run the prop for first 3 weeks only. think at the very least this will give me a good indication of how body will respond to test.

Thank you for your help.

Going to PM you In a few mins..
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