first deca cycle

deca without test......owe that makes my cock hurt! deca alone will probabaly put you down for a little while unless you can use proviron while on!!!!!

good luck! this your 1st cycle ever or just your 1st time taking deca??? stats, goals, training history???
Yup Look Out Decca Dick ....listen To Crusherhockey Take Test With It..more Test Then Decca Ie Test 500mg A Week And Decca 400 Mg A Week.
Even with test & PCT, deca shuts me down after the cycle for a long time. I wouldn't ever dream of taking it without test though
Why shouldnt he use nolva pct. I know nolvan can agravate progesterone induced sides, and that it shouldnt be ran WITH nandrolone compouns, but i thought that if you wait about 2 weeks after your last injection it could, and should be used for post cycle therapy (pct)? Tell me if im completely wrong, not trying to argue or anything, just tryin to learn
anyone who is prone to the sides shouldn't use nolva for their post cycle therapy (pct) because it still could affect it... hcg and clomid would be a better choice, but you can in term run nolva for post cycle therapy (pct) 3 weeks after your last shot of deca