GHRP-2 with CJC-1295 complete peptide combination


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The effects of GHRP-2 are GH secretion stimulation, appetite promotion, fat mass decrease and muscle mass increase, lowering of cholesterol level, skin and bones state improving, defense of the liver and anti-inflammatory action.
The dose should be 300 mgs each day. These cjc1295 doses should be injected 3 times a day. Starting with one injection in the morning . The injections are usually made subcutaneously in an abdominal area. The time between injections should be atleast 3-4 hours (in order the body has the time to produce GH for further release). Do not consume food for between 15-30 minutes after your dosage. Best time is around 20-25 minute mark. GH pulses should peak within about 10 minutes after dosage. Fats and Carbohydrates affect the pulse dramatically. Protein has no effect on pulse. However, you can have a pure protein source in your stomach at anytime if choose to do so.
How to take GHRP-2 during a Cycle:

Each day would consist of
100mcg of CJC-1295
100-200 mcg GHRP-2
three times a day.
in the morning on an empty stomach 25 minutes before eating
in the afternoon – PWO
finally just before bed
Dilution or reconstitution of GHRP-2 :
GHRP-2 is a peptide which is bought in powdered form. In order to inject this compound, it must be reconstituted through the use of either sterile water or bacteriostatic water. Both are acceptable re-constitutional ingredients, however the use of sterile water will see the GHRP-2 degrade at a faster rate than bacteriostatic water. Mixing (reconstitution) the lyophilized product in their vials with Bacteriostatic Water (BW) can take some getting used to. The idea is not to add too much dilution. The typical rule of thumb is to add 0.5mL of BW to 1mg of Peptide. So a 2mg vial should reconstitute with 1mL BW. 5mg with 2.5mL, 10mg with 5mL, etc. Squirt the BW along the inside wall of the vial in a smooth controlled manner being cautious not to agitate the mixture too much. It will dissolve itself and become clear. You can roll the vial gently between your fingers or hands but don’t shake it to dissolve. The reconstitute is ok to be drawn once fully dissolved.

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Hi that's a great read and makes complete sense. The only thing which is getting me us the dosing of it using a insulin syringe. From wat I have learnt which I think I'm right with ghrp2 is with this it comes ad 5mg. Mix it with 2.5ml of BW. This then means to get 100mcg it will work out between the 2 and 3 marks on a syringe which will give the right dosage. Only problem is I can't seem to work out what the dosage in the syringe would be? Would it be the same? Or would it be more cjc 1259 w/o dac. Sorry if I'm being a pest all I have done is research and it's so many different replys.

Thank you man ***128077;***128077;