girls running dnp

no.. that stuff scares the hell out of me... BUT i do know women that have tried it.. maybe they will post here... I know it is NOT something a woman looking to get pregnant within the same year she is using it should do as it stays in the system for a very long time. Other than that, it basically is the same for men and women.. it raises bodytemp and burns fat...
supposedly *and this was posted on EF* since a women has all her eggs produced already it is possible that DNP could effect them as a whole and thus potentiate the possibility of birth defects and miscarriages. I do not believe there have been alot of study into this field, and being a former DNP user myself i wouldnt recommend it for Men or Women.
Those were my concerns as well. I posted because a friend of mine was wondering if his girlfriend would be able to run it. Thanks for the responses.
Ran it myself...saw NONE of the promised results. Wouldn't do it again. Was very hot and sweaty...That's great it can affect my eggs... SHIT...