Good Mournings


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I was just wondering if anyone still does good mournings, I noticed that not many people do these anymore, same with hyperextensions...

I personally always include these in my back workout, lower back pumps kick ass.
I still do them. I don't do them on my deadlift days though. I normally deadlift every week or every other week so on the weeks that i don't do deads, I do good mornings.
I usually do good morning at the very end of a back workout or with no weight to get a warm up and stretch.
I do them once a week, I'm up to 335 again and my highest was 365. I had a few weeks off. I've been progressing steadily in the good morning for a few months now.
I do them every other week. I love the gym "trainer" that always points out Im using my back.
i do them every week; usually to a three rep max. Right now my max is about 275. I figure that isnt half bad at 194 lbs. Its a great exercise for lower back, erectors, hams, etc pretty much the whole posterior chain. If you want more info check out the kings of the GM and its 300 variations