SubQ and IM blast and progressive overload question.


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Hello all.. 53 yr old male 5'10 185lbs 13-15% body fat (not really sure of the real %.. the only fat I have is around my midsection but you can see top 2 abs).. I've been on doctor perscribed TRT for over 3 years (bloodwork done every 6 months) and have a couple questions... I've read a ton of the information posted here by all the guys with the real knowledge and it's greatly appreciated....

I'm taking subQ injections of 160 mg test c once a week, 400 ui HCG & half tablet Anastrozole twice weekly...(used to take full pill until last bloodwork and they cut it in half)..

#1. I have done a test blast in the past but that was when my shots were IM.. I'm not sure if I should continue to inject the second shot (IM blast) all at once or break it up as in half with subQ and half 3.5 days later.. It may not make a difference or maybe it will, I know asking here will result in some good advice. I'm asking because I feel like my E is off.. I've got lifting energy and recovery but my libido is not in line like i think it should be since doubling my T..and as it was the last time I did a blast.

#2. I'm 4 weeks into my blast and it clearly working as it did before.. My strength is exceeding my ligaments and/or joints. I'm close to all my lifting highs and some of my aches and pains are coming back (elbows).. the ones that make me stop lifting heavy and change to higher reps lower lbs.. SO, my question is how fast is too fast to increase weight and/or reps and what is too slow that I will not get the gains I'm working for..

Example: machine preacher curl, when I can do do 8 sets at 12 reps I increase 10lbs next workout and start off at 12 then usually drop each set to whatever failure is.. next workout I make sure I surpass the reps in each set until I hit 8 @ 12 then move up lbs next workout.. Progressive overload works for me and I enjoy it.. I just wonder if I'm pushing myself too hard.. not myself but my fucking old joints??? If I dont go up in weight I will do at least total of 8 more reps than the pervious workout even if i have to add an extra set.. Hope this makes sense!?
I get bloodwork done every 6 months from my doc.. I'm always in range with my numbers except last time he dropped my Anastrozole to half pill twice weekly from full pill twice weekly.. Of course I'll purposely be off my blast well before I have to do labs..
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1- get blood work and see where your hormone panel is that. Your estradiol could be higher but nothing but blood work will show that except more estradiol sides

2- at 53 take it easy. Im not far behind you at 46 and our joints arent what they used to be. Slow approach. I would not do one rep max. 8-12 rep range. No failure reps. Its not a sprint its a marathon.