gyno trouble


Its a Celebration Bitches
i had gyno under my right nip throughout the cycle i just ran, i believe it was from prior cycles.... No nandrolone or tren used recently, so im pretty sure its just from estrogen

I have used, Researchology's letro at about 1-1.5 mg a day for a few weeks during the cycle, which worked great, it reduced the size of the lump, but it made it feel more hard.

I have been on post cycle therapy (pct) for 2 weeks, ran 60mg of Nolva a day the first and 40 a day for the second. the lump is still there. I dont know if i should continue to drop nolvadex to 20mg day.

Should i continue my post cycle therapy (pct) then worry about the gyno after? The lump is small, but feels like a cyst.

should i use letro or nolva?

thanks fellas.