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Ok just curious as to what EXACTLY to look out for.
I know
puffy nips
sore nips
itchy nips.
My question is, is it all 3? Could be itchy but not sore, or sore but not puffy.

The reason I ask is I am in the 8th week of my cycle and no real signs yet.

Except...I have had a little itchy nip once in awhile. I have not taken any Nolva yet, cuz I don't want to be paranoid. It os probably just a coinsidence, like my balls itching!

So when they say itchy nips, is it a constant itch or is it once in awhile?
mine is the itchy nips, I have never gotten sore. puffy sometimes but novaldex takes care of it. I am on a gram of test and 500 of deca a week and let me tell you I can tell if I miss two days in a row of novaldex.
Mine is sore, never had itchiness, or puffiness.
So you can see, it doesn't have to be but one symptom; it's a very individual thing, like w/ a lot of side effects.
I dont count puffy nips because I get those from water retention mine is a pain in the nip are and it you grab the nip you may be able to feel the start of a hard ball like tissue. Im on the same cycle as you and I think mine may have started acting up now in week 6 so I started hitting the nolvadex. I was straight till I came off the d-bols :confused:
The people that have had the itchy nips. Was it constant or just once in awhile.

I have checked for other syptoms as well
No soreness
No puffy nips(well except for the water retension)
No lumps at all
right now it is mostly when I have a shirt on and the nipple rubs against it, If I am just lying in bed I can't really tell.
The more you think about it then the more it is gonna fuck with your head so try not to think about it and it it starts acting up the hit the nolvadex.
Like I said I am not really paranoid. Which is why I thought I better ask. I did not want to procrastinate if in fact I do have the symptoms.

But from the sound of it I don't...hopefully it stays that way!!
mine get ichy once in a while. i feel they will be more sensitive while on anyway. make sure there is no knot forming. i check everyday

to many people jump the gun and at the first ich jump on anti e's
Mine started mhurting a bit so I jusped on nolavex @40mg ED and day three the pain is gone so now I have to run it @20mg ED till the end.:(
Question for buffdoc (or anyone who would like to respond)

I'm a amateur lifter mainly interested in getting a big bench press. About a year ago I started using Androgel on a daily basis, as prescribed by my doc for low testosterone. I'm only taking the lightweight dosage of a single 5 gram packet each day.

I don't have itchy nips, sore or tender nips... but my breasts sure have enlarged! I don't want to stop the Androgel if possible. During this time I did put on some bodyweight and gained some fat. At first I thought this was the problem, but then I started dropping weight, but my breasts remain fatty. My questions are, if I stop using Androgel, will my breast tissue go back to normal? Is there anything I can take to reverse this?
I had to start nolva just last week. It's really easy for me to tell when I'm haveing a problem. My nips get sore and always seem to be hard. I also notice a small hard spot forming under the nipple.
run for the Nova at the first sign of itchy nips. If it hinders gains a little who cares ? I'd rather gain a little slower than end up with man-boobies.

The nova (40mg a day) usually gets rit of the itchy nips on 3-4 days or so.
What should you have while running a cycle with Deca?


I am running Deca in a few months and I want to know what is the necessary things I should use?

I like to keep the Deca below 500mg. Nova will not cure Deca related gyno. If you get deca gyno you are pretty much fucked. Some guys run more than 500mg without a problem, I am pretty sensitive to sides.

Also, be careful how long you run Deca. It shut me down so hard I had to use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) twice to get my nuts up and running again.