HCG duration and dosage HELP


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Hey guys, I have read several different versions of hcg dosage and duration, and I just need someone to help me figure out what it the best method to use this in my current status.
I currently have 4 full weeks before my cycle officially ends and I have 3 HCG amps of 1500 i.u, what is the best way to use it?
I know that it is not the best to use it at the end of a cycle and it should have been done mid cycle. I also know that high dosage and long duration is bad for the body.
I plan on using the sterile amps of water that come with the HCG so I can either take the full 1500 i.u at once (not sure if thats good for me) or I can just take half the dosage now and just throw the rest, since I dont think anything water based is very safe to store in a syringe once it's been opened.
My cycle is 750mg enan for 12 weeks, which for my size and weight is a little more than what I should be taking, and my nuts are about half the size(if not even smaller) than what they used to be.
Need your helps guys, thanks.
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To be honest i'd say you need more HCG than what you got there. But if thats all you got and can't get hold of anymore then that will have to do.

Thinking you could either do 1500IU every 3-4 days or split it up into six seperate doses. The latter would prob be the best.

As for storing the left over until the next jab im not sure, maybe you could leave it in the amp, put a little tinfoil over the top and pop it in the fridge.
You would have to get some advice on that though as im not sure how long the stuff lasts once it's been opened.

In my opinion you did right by leaving the HCG till after your cycle, I wouldn't do mine mid cycle in your shoes as you only have 3x 1500IU and would end up needing more post cycle.

Let me know what you decide though.
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yeah you did the right thing for leaving the hcg till the end, thats what i do anyways.

if i were you i would run 500iu every other day for about 2 weeks. i tried this last cycle and i found this to be the best result for restoring ball size for ME. i tried 1000iu every day for a week once, and hardly noticed anything. maybe its just the extra week then, i dont know.

mix the amp with the hcg then take three slin pins and fill them both up to the proper dosage. inject one and leave the remaining two in the fridge, repeat
TRicKtOutT said:
I have regular needles for the glute.. can I use those and inject it in my cheeks?

What gauge would they be...? 18g, 21g, 23g?

If your going to do it in your arse cheek then i'd go for 22 or 23.
However I use 21 & in the past have used 18.