Healthiest juicing options And overall natty advice?


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(if u dont want my mk677 experience skip to the bottom) So I was a complete natty while playing soccer in college and I always loved the weight room! I recently graduated and finally got to use my first PED. I used Mk-677 from... (can I post the source?). I used 20 mg a night and the gains and overall feeling were phenomenal. I gained 15lbs and Still have about 9lbs of that. All my lifts went up and my sprints and agility improved. I have experienced injuries from HS football and college soccer and the best effect mk677 was cushion feeling on my joints. The only "side effect" that kept me from continuing my use were the pumps that basically kept me from continuing some of my longer distance runs. May just run it at 10mg and see if I get some of the positives and less pumps. I could probably eat less carbs but the hunger on this stuff was pretty extreme

I was 5'8 and 155 and very lean (24)
I ended up 5'8 170 and looked leaner.
My squat increased the most from 315 being a max to a 5-7 rep (crazy)

Well now my feet are wet with PED usage. I dont feel ready for steroids quite yet. Im going to grad school and can research the science behind a lot of the anabolics but would rather get experienced advice. I take a lot of pride in having a low BP, HR, LDLs.. ETC. So what is the overall consensus on some questions?

What anabolic/PED drugs have been the healthiest and which have been detrimental to health?

In your opinion is it possible to come off the juice and still enjoy the gym like I do now? IS it a lifelong commitment?

How has cycling impacted your Psychology?

Cycling and family life... How do you tell your Wife and Family?

Finally, Is it worth it considering I will never compete in any sort of fitness competition?... although I still play semi pro soccer with little desires to play pro?(more for fun)
Hitting the gym may not seem as rewarding with less gains. It's not a commitment as much as a continued decision. If don't incorrectly you may find yourself on life long TRT.

Different compounds and doses effect people differently. Some just are known forbagressive behavior.

Some people don't tell their wives. Others do. If you want to are you prepared for your wife to be completely against it?

It's worth it to lots of people. Your average steroid user doesn't compete in anything according to a Netflix documentary. Just dudes hitting the gym.
I wanted to start with a SARM aswell. Did you use any PCT? AI,HCG, clomid, nolva? I see so many mixed opinions for SARMS.
Personally I compare it to birth control in a way. Hormonal manipulations for personal gains. As a young single male I definitely like a woman on birth control. I'm married with a vasectomy now. Muscles are more attractive. Birth control and buff dudes sounds like a win-win. . . . . Just saying haha
I wanted to start with a SARM aswell. Did you use any PCT? AI,HCG, clomid, nolva? I see so many mixed opinions for SARMS.

SARMs are pretty ass bro. Go all in and do test-e 500mg a week. You might as well at this point.

I have never heard a positive review about SARMs, everything I've read points to them being a waste of money.
I wanted to start with a SARM aswell. Did you use any PCT? AI,HCG, clomid, nolva? I see so many mixed opinions for SARMS.

Years ago . . . About 10 . . . I weighted about 147-150 untrained. I could diet and dehydrate down to 142lbs for competitive amateur fights when I trained. I began lifting and had got to about 157. I Did an EQ only cycle at 600mg wk for 14wks. No PCT. I went to 172lbs. I quit working out and have never returned to the 140s or low 150s unless I'm having issues. I now wall around high 150s-low 160s. With that said don't do what I did. I Had about 2 years researching when I did that. I'm now over 10 years as a hobby steroid researcher.

I'm now on TRT from epilepsy and med sides but I take hCG (recommended to keep your testicles functioning) anastazole for estrogen control and 200mg wk tests cup.

I don't know SARMS but if I didn't want the risk of steroidsbut wanted "perfomamce enhancement" I would go with peptides. Thise are not something I know much about.