help a friend out (back pains)


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my friend has been doing a deca/test/dbol cycle

he has been complaining ever since the beggining of lowr back problems (so i assumed it was the dbol) he stopped the dbol like two weeks ago and now it's worse. do you think maybe arimidex will help? i think i read that somewhere but i am not sure

umm no. arimidex liquedex nolvadex wont help. dbol and winstrol are both massivly known to dry the fuck outta your joints and cause pain. liqudex nolva arimi... are anti estrogens and also control water.. wich means.. they do suck out the water from your joints. i had a friend who was prone to gyno on cycle thinkin he was doig good by taking liqudex with nolva eod and ended up with the worst joint pain in the world. i think some glutimine will help or glucose. not sure about that. but im pretty positive arimidex or any anti e's wont d him good. or maybe it was an occuring problem in his back so it would be realy wise if he goes to the doctor and gets that back xrayed. to see if theres any errors in the spinal region. just to be safe. if i were him id go right now to an emergncy room this shit aint worth my health.
i forgot to say since hes stacking deca... i dont see why he should be having a problem here. something sounds fishy. i bet you 95% he had ongoing back problems. if not.. he just devloped it. send him to the doctor. asap.
Its hard to say what will help. I had the same exact problem about a year ago. Only thing was that even after I quite my cycle the back pain continued and it does to this day. Only thing I could think of is that I fucked it up using some very heavy weight when I was 'on'. This might be the case with your friend.
Ower back pains and lower back pumps are 2 different things. If it is lower back pumps, it is because of the juice and water retention. Is the pain persistant, or does his back pump up and hurt? If this is the case, arimidex will most likely help. IF it isnt pumps, he may have pulled something.
i had lower back problems. discs that rubbed and went to the doc. he told me that i should stretch everyday and do more ab and hamstring workouts. since i already had really strong/tight abs i worked on hams twice a week. now i have barely any back problems. and when i was on Dbol i noticed a little back soreness, but some of that was pumps. drink water and stretch. or go get Xrays, i did.
i hope you also realize that low back pain is also a symptom of kidney damage. with all that gear, he might want to look into it.