Help. Gyno after Oestrogen Spike.


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Hi guys, I'm after a bit of advice on the best course of action to treat the gyno I have been trying to get under control.

The trigger seems to have been from me going on a stag party and drinking quite a bit of alcohol. I hadn't drank any since I started my cycle and was concerned about going out in the first place. I couldn't pull out as it's my wife's best friends fiancee.

I got back at 2am and noticed that my nips were very hard, to the point of being painfully so but I had the window open and assumed it was just the cold. The next Morning they were still sore and it was a warm day so I knew it was probably oestrogen related from a spike due to the alcohol. I upped my dose of Aromasin from 10mg E3D to 10mg ED for three days and the soreness and itchy nips went away. I dropped my dose back to 10mg E3D and almost as soon as I did I got very puffy nips, no soreness or itchy feeling, just puffy and a little fat looking. I upped my AI again to 20mg ED for three days but that did nothing and after prodding around I noticed I'd developed a small lump behind the upper part of my left nipple. It hurt like hell when I pressed on it! My right nipple was a little puffy but my left seemed to have formed some fat on top of the muscle and the lump remained.

After reading some threads I started to take 20mg of Tamoxifen and dropped my Aromasin to 10mg ED. I did this for 5 days with no change so upped the tamoxifen to 40mg ED from yesterday.

The lump seems less painful when pressed but the puffiness on both nipples remains, as does the fat on my left pec.

Sorry for the essay but I wanted to give all the details.

My questions are:

Is 10mg Aromasin and 40mg Tamoxifen ED going to help?

I feel as if I've crashed my e2 by upping my AI dose. Is this possible while showing signs of gyno?

Should I stop my cycle or finish the last three weeks?
Thanks Megatron, it was very helpful and I probably should have read it beforehand.

So I have crashed my E2 which is why I feel shitty and the puffiness should go after my cycle has ended. The lump is gyno though so I'll look for some Raloxifene or continue with my Tamoxifen if I can't find any and drop my AI back to get my E2 back in range.
Read Austinite's Gyno Sticky Thread in the AAS forum so you can learn about Raloxifene.

THIS ^^^^ read all the sticky's look up also Estrogen / Prolactin.

You can sometimes stop and reverse Gyno however once a lump in the tissue it rather hard to get that out/down. This also will NOT happen quickly. Remember Gyno and lump took some time to acquire so........... a time it will take.
This is my first cycle, info can be found here - (this is on 'Ology)

Stats have changed as I'm now 200lbs with a little bit more fat at around 12% but have upped my cardio to get back down to sub 10%.
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