Help, Increased HGH but lower IGF-1 :(


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Hope someone can help me out here as I am very new to this and I live in Vietnam where finding a good doctor that would actually know this is not easy...

I started to take Genotropin (goquick 12mg pens) 9 days ago first thing in the morning with 3IU and moved to 4IU 2 days ago. I am currently on low carb diet with about 1800 calories (first meal at noon and 2nd between 4 and 6pm) as I am trying to lose some weight. Prior to taking HGH I did a blood work test in the morning while fasting and no prior workout which looked as this:

I am 6'4 210lb (193cm 95kg)

IGF 1 (Siemens) 149.0 ng/mL
h.G.H. (Siemens) 0.061
Testosterone (Siemens) 13.54 nmol/L
Free Testosterone Inde (FTI%) 50.22
Cortisol 11.30 qu/dL

Glucose (Ranodom) 6.2 mmol/L
Free T3 3.23
Free T4 1.28
SHBG 26.96

I did a blood test today 3 hours after taking 4IU (morning after night fast and no workout) and it looked like this:
IGF-1 110.0
h.G.H. 8.51
Testosterone 14.47
Free Testosterone Index (FTI%) 38.77
Cortisol 8.61

Glucose FPG 4.45
HbA1c (IFCC) 36
HbA1c (NGSP) 5.44
Free T3 2.53
Free T4 1.29
SHBG 37.32

So looks like my HGH has jumped up a lot but why has my IGF-1 gone down also by a lot? What am I missing? Looks like the rest of tests are within a normal range which is positive but the fact that my IGF-1 has decreased is worrying me.

Looking forward to your help :)