Help w/ 3rd Cycle....


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3rd cycle is gonna be a cutter, all the way. I'm planning to get around 7%bf. I'm hoping to do it in 12 weeks, but I will extend to 16 if required.

I'm thinking of this:
Test 600/wk + EQ 500 wk (maybe win, since I already have it on hand)
Test 600/wk + Deca 500 (migh help out w/ joints)

I'm busting my tren cherry on my 4th cycle, which will be bulker/cutter. Thrw out some good rec's for me. Will also be using clen and T3.


I'm finishing my 2nd cycle up right now (last 2.5 weeks) but some really good prices came up that I can't resist, so I'm purchasing for my 3rd/4th cycle now.

1st Cycle - Test 500/wk (12 weeks)
2nd cycle - Test 600-750 (12 weeks), 40-60m Anavar (5 weeks), Prop (2 weeks)
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