Hey bros, can someone review my next cycle


lil g

well my next cycle starts in april....should i stick with the Sustanon (sust)? or should i use some other test?

My Cycle Includes

Quality Vet EQ - 600mg/week weeks 1-10
Durateston (Sust) - 250mg/week weeks 1-10
winstrol (ZAMBON) - 50mg/day weeks 6-12

Clomid starts week 14
will have nolvadex on hand also...

stats right now

5,8 @ 187lbs with about 12-13% body fat....my goal is to get a low bf% and some good size with it.... what should i expect?

my diet is gunna be clean..... and im gunna try and do some cardio also...<-=-first time running a cutter...any tips with this....
I say extend the Winstrol (winny) to week 13 that way the eq will be out of your system in time for you to start clomid.

Other than that it looks good.
I would use a single ester test like enth shooting that and the eq twice a week. Just more cost effective with the same results.
One question....
Why are you starting the clomid 4 weeks after test/eq?

Wouldn't it be better to start at week 13??
QV is fine....but I'd use prop if it were me....just shoot it with the Winstrol (winny) every day.

Best of luck to you!
I am assuming that you choose Sustanon (sust) due to the fact that it causes less water retention? Make sure you understand why that is first. I always prefer single esters.
Wartime100 said:
I believe you are mistaken bro. Icn is pretty much the cheapest high grade test available.
huh, the list i have has ICNS at $9, and primotestins at $7.50, i was just going by that