Hi.. I'm new to the site


18, Female
Hi my name is Kelli. I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself. I am 18 yrs old and going on my 2nd competition (bodybuilding). I'm 5'5" and will probably be about 120 for my show. Any good supplement suggestions for cutting would really be appreciated. Thanks!
Welcome to the site!!!! :)

Supplements for cutting......hmmmm.......you could try fat burners such as lipo-6....but I don't know if that would CUT you. Clen is good but I wouldn't consider that much of a supplement. Certain foods have thermogenic effects such as cayenne pepper, but again, maybe not for cutting.

If you do a search I'm sure you'll find something!

Let us know how your second comp goes, and if at all possible....post some pictures!
I am currently taking ephedra, but I just ordered some products from the AF store (thermorexin, sesapure) and was planning on trying them. I am trying to stay legal though, so clen is not really an option. Just wondered if anyone had an opinion. Thanks again.
Hey powerhouse!! Welcome to Ology!! Its great to have another competitor onboard! I hope you share your training, competition stories etc..

Me personally when i am cutting i always use ephedra..(i actually buy mine from gas stations lol..) Recently my old fat burners that have all the herbs are not working for me anymore; they cause too many sides for me personally so now i've been using the straight bronchial dialator type ephedra :) If you can find nor-ephedrine anywhere, that makes a good OTC legal cycle..

AF is GREAT!!! Please keep me posted on your usage of the thermorexin & sesapure.. I would like to hear your results, sides etc.. Thanks!!

again, welcome aboard and good luck!

Use ephedra and mix with dandlion root(helps shed water)
I cycle up my ephedra 16mg b4 workout with 300mg Dandlion root...take again 2-3hrs after the start of my workout.Really keeps the water out but you have to constantly drink water as well 12-18 cups a day (3 during workout),and you will pee alot as well :) lol