Hi there, I'm the new Fitness- Chick ;-) and I'm ready to rock!


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Hi everybody, my Name's Christina, I'm 33 years old,
married to my 2 jobs, my horse and the gym :)

I started working out at the age of 18 with free weights in a tiny gym on Ramstein Airbase, Germany. Ever since I've been working out, trying out a lot, like Les Mills Classes, Boxing, Yoga, EMS, Power- Plate, TRX and so - on but
I've always been in love with barbells, dunbells and classy equipment.

3 Years ago I became a BSA Academy- Fitness Trainer and a Team ICG Tomahawk Indoor- Cycling instructor.

I work as the leading Fitness Trainer in a big Gym and I'm riding IC- Classes for soccer- players in their off- season.

I currently train with Hammerstrength, some Nautilus and Technogym and of course my dunbells and barbells.
I also practise HIIT 3 times a week , my Diet is based on "fighterdiet" by Pauline Nordin.

I am not interested in any contests, but I'm hoping to find ADVICES, Recommendations and new Inspritation over here to improve my training and my supplements and last but not least I hope to finde some friends who share my passion for fitness ;-)

Ready to go for the shredded look...

Love, Christina