High Blood Pressure?


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What is a safe blood pressure range when using? I've measured my BP at the local grocery store (Publix for those of you from Florida) everyday lately and my BP has been pretty normal. However, those machines are designed for a normal sized arm, and this may be affecting the readings. I did measure myself at a local CVS drug store today with the forearm machine, and my BP was markedly higher. In fact, it registered in the hypertension range. I'm thinking I should get my doc to do a measurement.

I'm currently into my 6th week of an 800 mg per week Sustanon cycle. I wanted to add tren and var into the mix the last 6 weeks but may have to abort if my BP is indeed too high.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.........
1. Go to a doctor and/or nurse to get it checked properly.

2. Get a blood pressure cuff and check it yourself consistently and see if there is a chronic problem.

Do either of these prior to jumping on more anabolics.
Thanks Aboot: I just got a blood pressure monitor, and my BP is consitently logging in at about 149/89. This puts me at mild hypertension according to the literature that came with the BP monitor. Can this relatively high reading be expected while using anabolics. As long as my BP remains at and about this reading (149/89), should I not be so worried?
The 149 reading is high to say the least. I would definitely take some measures to reduce it. Are you retaining much water? Watching your sodium intake? These are the first things I would do. Also, when are you measuring it? What time of the day?
I'm definitely retaining some water. I can't button the top button on my work shirts, and my pants are fitting tighter. My diet has been clean except for some drinking as of late during weekend football. I don't think I eat too much sodium. I do tend to put a little salt on my oatmeal in the morning and on my meats at night. I usually measure my BP in the evening about an hour after I work out. It's been 4 hours now after a chest workout and like I said: Right now, I'm consistently about 149/89.

What do you think a high/normal reading should look like while on anabolics?
If you aren't using an aromatase inhibitior, such as arimidex or aromasin, you may want to begin. The water retention that you are experiencing is likely related to estrogen so an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) would help with this and likely reduce your blood pressure.

winslow22 said:
What do you think a high/normal reading should look like while on anabolics?

Depends on the individual but whether or not you are on anabolics, unhealthy blood pressure is still unhealthy blood pressure.
Thanks again for the advice. My arimidex will actually arive tomorrow -- never needed it in the past so didn't have any on hand. I hope this helps the problem. I'll keep ya posted. You are a kind fellow.......
bigdaddy22 said:
Aboot is giving you excellent advice! It would be a good idea to listen to everything he said
i second that! aboot has always given solid advice....hes da man!!