how do u feel about omnadren 250

I used it in my 1st cycle just @250 per week,gained well,but then used it at 750 and watch out,fukin loved it,great shit,and I swear it made my dick as thick as a can lol,good and cheap
I used the old omnas a while back got really strong but also got really bloated more than anyother cycle. Never tried the new stuff supposed to be just like Sustanon (sust) but then again test is test
The new Omnadren are very close to Sus 250. The old ones would get you very bloated due to one ester(don't remember the name).
They are very good w/ a very cheap price tag on them.
eastarr69 said:
They did not bloat me....


The old Omnas like 2 years ago... Those were my second cycle..People were asking me who gave me the black face was bloated(not that much but it was)...I have tried the new ones and I like them a lot...

The old Omnadrens had 2 esters that were different from sus 250, one of them made you gain lots of water....
The newer formula has replaced that ester.

The new formula came out around 1-2 years ago....correct me if I'm wrong.
the ones i just finished up were old omnas...and as far as i know, they only had on different ester...either did or did not have deconate....the new ones are supposed to be identical to guy onlyy has old ones available right now...

but bummer about your experience...