How do you build massive bouncer / bodyguard arms? Tree trunks hanging of shoulders


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How do you build massive bouncer / bodyguard arms? Tree trunks hanging of shoulders

Every once in a while you see some dude walk by either on TV or in person with just freaky massive arms.

How do you grow tree trunks on your arms?

What's the complete solution here?

1. Heavy Straight bar curls.
2. Close-Grip presses.

What wouold an effective program look like, no musckle magazine cookie cutter routes need to be posted. Just your own idea or what works for you. Big Boys gimmie a shout.
My arm routine looks like this:

Barbell Curls (3 X 10,8,8)
Close Grip Bench (3 X 10)
Preacher Curls (3 X 8)
Skull Crushers (3 X 8)
Reverse Curls (3 X 8)
Pressdowns (3 X 12)

Sometimes I superset bis/tris...usually I dont.
My routine is very close to the Almighty's (that sounds wierd) but I make sure to include incline curls.

Uh, I'm suprised no one has mentioned the fact that you have to have good overall body development to have massive arms. I honestly believe the following statement is true to some degree:

The size of your arms is proportional to your squat strength.

Do you agree? Up to one-third of your upper extremity force is generated by your lower body, especially during multiple joint, mass building lifts. In order of magnitude, the determinants of arm girth are:

• Your capacity for size (genetic contribution)

• Total body strength levels (transfer of energy through the core)

• The ability to stabilize the shoulders at progressively higher loads

• Biceps muscle imbalances

Stop doing those mindless arm routines you picked up like a foot fungus in the shower of the gym and focus on rebuilding your arm mass from the ground up. Realizing your genetic potential and developing a strong core is more important.
Not that I have big arms (16.5") but I rarely work em, they get a good little pubp when I do chest/shoulders and back.

Almighty, that's a damn funny quote you found from Rumsfield.